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Buy Palatino VN Dolce Violin Outfit, 4/4 Size: Acoustic Violins - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on Date first listed on Amazon, June 8, lot of junk on e-bay out there. Anyone have some advice on brands or sources for something half-way decent? Join Date: May ; Location: winter park, florida; Posts: Send a message via Yahoo to Stephen Perry. Even when he was alive, Stradivarius was too well reputed to sell his violins cheaply. shall, respectively, be plainly marked, stamped, branded, or labeled in legible English words, This labeling is certainly not the only consideration for dating an instrument; instruments in (Apr 11, ) [email protected] said.

The and censuses report him actually growing younger, a fact explained by the probable loss of statistics from —49, when renewed belligerency between France's Modenese and Spain's Milanese proxies led to a flow of refugees that included Stradivari's mother.

Stradivari's ancestry consisted of notable citizens of Cremonadating back to at least the 12th or 13th century. The earliest mention of the family name, or a variation upon it, is in a land grant dating from The baptismal records of the parish of S.

Prospero then stop, and it is unknown whether they had any children from to One of the few pieces of evidence supporting this is the label of his violin, which reads, Alumnus Nicolai Amati, faciebat anno This label has never been found or confirmed. Some researchers believe early instruments by Stradivari bear a stronger resemblance to Francesco Rugeri's work than Amati's. This pin or hole was fundamental in the graduation of the thickness of the plates and was obviously a technique passed on through generations of pupils of the Amati.

Stradivari may even have been employed to decorate some of Amati's instruments, without being a true apprentice. This theory is supported by some of Stradivari's later violins, which have elaborate decorations and purfling. His first labels were printed from towhich indicates that his work had sufficient quality to be offered directly to his patrons.

However, he probably stayed in Amati's workshop until aboutusing his master's reputation as a launching point for his career. He was later exiled, though allowed to return to Cremona many years later. A clue to how they would have met lies in the Easter census, which lists the Ferraboschi family four houses away from the Amati residence. The couple had a daughter, Giulia Maria, three to four months later.

Catterina, Francesco, Alessandro, and Omobono Stradivarias well as an infant son who lived for only a week. The totality of the house was paid for by The only information known about her is that she was 35 at the time of the marriage. He is buried in the Church of San Domenico.

Will[ edit ] His will, datedis one of the closest approximations we can give to how Stradivari ran his family. Counting his wife, there were eight living heirs at the time Stradivari wrote the draft.

Zambelli was left with her clothing, half of her jewelry, bed linens and household items.

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Antonio declared she would become the responsibility of his two eldest sons. As for Annunciata Caterina, Antonio left her jewelry, income on loans, clothing and linens. Paolo, the youngest child, was to get six finished violins as well as some household effects and cash. Three other children who had joined religious orders were left with their share of inheritance: Maria, a nun, would get an annuity, Alessandro, a priest, would get fixed income on a home mortgage loan and Giuseppe, another priest, would get some income on half a share from a pastry shop.

There were also annual payments to his two sons of and lire each and lire for Annunciata and for Francesca. To put this into perspective, six violins were valued at approximately 1, lire.

As Omobono had left the dwelling aged eighteen in search of new employment possibilities in Naples, he left Antonio to pay for much of his living expenses. In this sense, his father had never really forgiven him for leaving home. Just as Paolo, he would inherit six violins. That was all that was written in the will for him. As for Francesco, who was named his father's successor, he would inherit the rest of the estate.

This included all of the tools, stencils, finished violins, patterns, and--ostensibly--his father's reputation. For example, inStradivari bought his youngest son a partnership in a local textile firm for the large amount of 25, lire. In comparison, he had bought his house in for 7, lire. Also, allowing mild inflation, Antonio made a loan of 12, lire in Inunder unknown circumstances, Giuseppe Guarneri borrowed 1, lire from Stradivari and later defaulted on the loan.

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Even when he was alive, Stradivarius was too well reputed to sell his violins cheaply. If someone in the family owned a Strad, then he and the whole family knew it, too. So how come Hopeful Customer thinks he has a Strad violin when he most certainly does not?

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Clearly, the violin has a false label. False labels are a surprisingly baffling concept for many Americans. Despite the knock-offs we see being hawked on street corners, we are convinced that labels on goods are accurate.

By and large, this confidence is a good thing; who would want to be wary of grocery products? We feel safe with labels we see because for over years it has been illegal to inaccurately label any goods including violins that are destined for import into the United States.

InWilliam McKinley approved a tariff that, in addition to many other things, required this labeling [from section 6]: It was amended in so that all imports were required to say "Made in" in addition to including country of origin.

It was further amended in so that all imports must include country of origin in English.