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the blacklist 1x16 online dating

"Mako Tanida" is the sixteenth episode of Season 1 of The Blacklist and the sixteenth episode Air date. March 17, .. Not everything could be arranged by mail, phone, or the internet. . The Blacklist 1x16 Promo "Mako Tanida" (HD). Singles, who loves THE BLACKLIST - Free Online Dating - Free Online Dating in America's Single Commuity. e mails recently after taking a long time off from dating via the internet. IS a Pof blacklist for women and if you're on it you may aswell delete.

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the blacklist 1x16 online dating

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Mako Tanida

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the blacklist 1x16 online dating

Cooper though compromised, still mistrusts Red and is struggling to maintain control of his agents. Ressler is still trying to remain on Cooper's side, though his rogue operation in his vengeance for the death of Audrey will get him into serious trouble.

Is Red's adversary Tom Keen's employers, or are they another interested party? Possibly Tom's employers who are based in Berlin. Then why did Tom not kill Red when he had the chance? He had orders not to kill, just gather information. How did Red locate Mako? It is possible Mako did not know that the underworld hospital that his men used was shut down by the FBI.

After the car accident, Mako could have gone there for treatment. Knowing that's where his men got treatment, Red might have gone to the house and waited for Mako to show up.

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Tom and her shared an employer, and The Cowboy worked for Red. Who is Tom working for? It is not the people who placed cameras in the Keen house. Are they based in Berlin? His superiors are in Berlin. How will Red respond to the disappearance of Lucy and The Cowboy? Will he focus on exposing and blaming Tom? He already knows Tom is living a double life and is going to let this play out for a chance to confront his superiors in Berlin, one of whom happens to be Red's adversary.

In " Ivan ", Red and Dembe found the deceased bodies of both Lucy and The Cowboy, thanks to Kathryn Nemec who is known to be a "bloodhound" in tracing corpses.

the blacklist 1x16 online dating

He then tells her to cover it up the same way Tom did and Red will take it from there. Tom is obviously more than a spy, he is an elite assassin.

The blacklist 1x16 online dating

Why did his superiors require such an individual to shadow Liz, especially if his mission was to avoid killing others? In the event things go wrong, his superiors need someone who can escape the FBI. Tom's superiors plan to use Liz as a decoy to draw Red out into the open. Why is he letting it play out? He wants to confront the people who hired Tom.

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Does the FBI have special international permission? We keeping hearing that the Reddington task force has travelled all over the world. Well they tried this tactic in Iceland. What happened in Vienna? It must have been serious for Donald Ressler to mention it to Raymond Reddington. But the first FBI agent seen killed had been warned and had moved to another house.

The Blacklist Season 4 Trailer (HD)

What is the history between the Cowboy and Raymond Reddington? It was implied that a previous deal ended in mutual anger. Did Mako want revenge for his imprisonment or the death of his brother, Aiko Tanida?

He stated in the car that the first 2 agents knew nothing of Bobby Jonica's actions. He probably wanted revenge for the dishonorable manner of his brother's death. How did Red find Mako?

the blacklist 1x16 online dating