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Murray had wanted to make the film more contemplative and less of a comedy, contrary to Ramis's view. Rather than have to handle Murray's constant phone calls, Ramis had Murray work with Rubin in New York City directly to adjust the script to satisfy Murray's requests. It wasn't until we got into the shooting that everything turned on its head. And it became not only a good movie, not only a great movie, but a classic.

When Murray returned to Woodstock to complete filming, Ramis described his behavior as "just really irrationally mean", and difficult to work with. Except for a few words at a wake, and later at a bar mitzvah, the two men did not speak for almost 20 years after the film's release.

dia de la marmota online dating

The film is number 32 on Bravo 's " Funniest Movies". Inreaders of Total Film voted it the seventh greatest comedy film of all time. The Writers Guild of America ranked the screenplay 27 on their list of Greatest Screenplays ever written.

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The comedy and the philosophy how shall one live? The site's consensus reads "Smart, sweet, and inventive, Groundhog Day highlights Murray's dramatic gifts while still leaving plenty of room for laughs".

History[ edit ] The groundhog Marmota monax is a rodent of the family Sciuridaebelonging to the group of large ground squirrels. The observance of Groundhog Day in the United States first occurred in German communities in Pennsylvania, according to known records. This was a Welsh enclave but the diarist was commenting on his neighbors who were of German stock.

However, it was not until the following year in that the first Groundhog Day considered "official" was commemorated here, [6] with a group making a trip to the Gobbler's Knob part of town to consult the groundhog. People have gathered annually at the spot for the event ever since. The lodge members were the "genesis" of the Groundhog Club formed later, which continued the Groundhog Day tradition. But the lodge started out being interested in the groundhog as a game animal for food.

Groundhog Day

It had started to serve groundhog at the lodge, and had been organizing a hunting party on a day each year in late summer. The first "Groundhog Picnic" was held in according to a book for popular reading by an academic, [9] but given as post-circa by a local historian in a journal. The historian states that around the meat was served in the lodge's banquet, and the organized hunt started after that.

A drink called the "groundhog punch" was also served. Fans of Punxsutawney Phil can await his arrival starting at 6: The live stream has been a tradition for the past several years, allowing more people than ever to watch the animal meteorologist. It employs a taxidermic specimen stuffed woodchuck. The Pennsylvania German dialect is the only language spoken at the event, and those who speak English pay a penalty, usually in the form of a nickeldimeor quarter per word spoken, with the money put into a bowl in the center of the table.

In addition to the spring prediction, if Potomac Phil sees its shadow, it portents six more months of political gridlock. Petersburgand Samara, Russia. The Germans already had a tradition of marking Candlemas February 2 as "Badger Day" Dachstagwhere if a badger emerging found it to be a sunny day thereby casting a shadow, it foreboded the prolonging of winter by four more weeks.

Germany[ edit ] Candlemas is a primarily Catholic festival but also known in the German Protestant Lutheran church.

dia de la marmota online dating

In folk religion, various traditions and superstitions continue to be linked with the holiday, although this was discouraged by the Protestant Reformers in the 16th century. The weather-predicting animal on Candlemas was usually the badgeralthough regionally the animal was the bear or the fox.

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For the Pennsylvania Dutch, it became the dox which in Deitsch referred to "groundhog". If the groundhog sees its shadow The genus name signified "bear-rat". It was speculated that the European counterpart might have lore similar to the groundhog attached to it. The Roman calendar, in turn, had Celtic origins.