Desperate housewives 2 temporada online dating

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desperate housewives 2 temporada online dating

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Cody Kasch reappeared as Zach Young in a recurring character capacity, following two seasons as a series regular.

desperate housewives 2 temporada online dating

Mark Moses returned to the series as Paul Youngthis time a fellow prisoner of Mike Delfino's, who is trying to win his friendship in order to determine him to get money from his son, Zach. Jesse Metcalfe returned after a year-long absence, portraying John RowlandGabrielle's former lover, who is now preparing for an upcoming marriage. Victor Langportrayed by John Slatteryimmediately becomes a love interest for Gabrielle, following his first appearance in the season's sixteenth episode.

Gwendoline Yeo acted as Xiao-Meithe surrogate mother of Gabrielle and Carlos' child, but is never seen or head of after it is revealed that the baby she was carrying wasn't the Solises'. Ian Hainsworthportrayed by Dougray Scott was Susan's main love interest this season, creating a love triangle between the two of them and Mike. Dakin Matthews appeared as Reverend Sykesreverend at the local Presbyterian church. Part of the main mystery arc, was Gloria Hodgeplayed by Dixie CarterOrson's mother with an inexplicable repugnance towards her son.

Alma HodgeOrson's first wife, who comes on Wisteria Lane seeking reconciliation, was portrayed by Valerie Mahaffeywhereas Carolyn Bigsbya mysterious woman whose main goal is destroying Orson and Bree's marriage, was portrayed by Laurie Metcalf. Critical response[ edit ] Unlike the second season's opener, which started that illadvised business in the basement and kept the women largely separated, this year's kickoff script, by series creator Marc Cherry and Jeff Greenstein, does everything right.

Bianculli opined that the episode returned the quality of the show's first season and concluded: If you've given up on Desperate Housewives, it's time to return to the neighborhood. He commended Marcia Cross' performance but opined that Longoria provided the best comedic relief. He also complimented Teri Hatcher's acting, commenting that she "was awesome in the poignant scene where she asks the comatose Mike permission to go on the "almost date" with Ian.

But it's certainly a good place to start. She criticized the lack of originality in the storylines, writing that the episode was similar to Sex and the City.

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Nevertheless, Creer complimented the main actresses, concluding, "I'll be tuning in next week -- for all of its camp and unoriginality, the show does continue to have that certain something, those little twists of genius that make it worth watching.

The season received critical acclaim, resulting in numerous awards and nominations for the cast and crew. The production team also received a nomination for Outstanding Casting in a Comedy Series.

Longoria also received a nomination at the People's Choice Awardswhich resulted in her being awarded as Favorite Television Actress.

desperate housewives 2 temporada online dating

Critical response[ edit ] Many critics agreed that the series suffered a sophomore slump and that the second season failed to live up to the first. He praised Woodward's acting as well as her character's storyline, opining, "there's something so inherently warm and maternal in Woodard's performance, such apple-pie wholesomeness, that it makes her touches of menace all the more chilling.

desperate housewives 2 temporada online dating

This story has legs, and apparently arms. List of awards and nominations received by Desperate Housewives The prominence of Cross' character throughout the season was noted by many critics, who considered her to have developed into the main character of the series. The season, cast and crew received critical acclaim and numerous awards and nominations.

The 58th Primetime Emmy Awards saw the series receive seven nominations, out of which five were for the production team. At the 63rd Golden Globe Awardsthe series was named the Best Musical or Comedy Series, while each of the four main actresses received a nomination for their portrayals of the protagonists, but all lost to Weeds 's Mary-Louise Parker.

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At the 64th Golden Globe Awardshowever, the series only received a nomination for Best Musical or Comedy Series, seeing Cross and Huffman nominated for their respective roles. The ceremony of the Monte Carlo Television Festival saw the series being awarded for the first time as the Best Comedy Series, before winning the same award for another five years in a row.

The series was nominated for Most Popular Drama at the National Television Awardsfollowing the nomination for the series in the Favorite Television Comedy at the People's Choice Awardswhich also saw Teri Hatcher getting a nomination for her performance in the role of Susan Mayer.

The writing of "Next", the season premiere, resulted in the production team receiving a nomination for Best Writing in an Episodic Comedy at the Writers Guild of America Awardswhile the ceremony saw the writing staff nominated in the same category for " Don't Look at Me ". Ratings[ edit ] The American Broadcasting Company kept Desperate Housewives 's original time slot, airing the series on Sunday nights at 9: However, "Mike and Susan have definitely split up," Denton told People.

His character, Jackson, plays a pivotal role in the fifth season's eighth episode " City on Fire ", which finds several Wisteria Lane residents trapped inside a nightclub fire.

Cherry said Harold had been filming scenes all week for the episode and had been scheduled to be on set Tuesday, the day of the accident. Marc Cherry said they would await the actor's prognosis before deciding how to proceed, but that at least some changes would have to be made: List of Desperate Housewives cast members and List of Desperate Housewives characters McDonough 's character was the subject of the season's main mystery. The fifth season had thirteen roles receiving star billingwith eleven out of twelve returning from the previous season.

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The series is narrated by Brenda Strongwho portrays the deceased Mary Alice Youngas she observes from beyond the grave the lives of the Wisteria Lane residents and her former best friends. Teri Hatcher portrayed Susan Delfinonow separated from Mike and in a relationship with her painter. Felicity Huffman portrayed Lynette Scavowho deals with her now teenage sons.