Oasc free military dating

Soldier - What is Peterson's Online Academic Skills Course (OASC)?

oasc free military dating

Royal Air Force interview details: 30 interview questions and 26 interview reviews posted needs you may be but forward for an aptitude test quite quickly or you may be invited for another date. . Consisted for four stages which are P2 presentation, Filter Interview, Medical and finally OASC. Get a free employer account. If you need a change of attendance date, then telephone the OASC and we can arrange . Following the debrief and careers guidance, you will be free to depart and for those . Some possible areas of military research for you could include. I'm also going to doing the Royal Navy AIB in a couple of months so will For any prospective OASC attendees, I'm fresh out of OASC at RAF.

oasc free military dating

Having a degree in your back pocket-something that is almost a necessity these days for any half decent job should soften the blow should the worst happen, and make it easier. There was an in-service degree scheme a couple of years ago for guys like yourself, designed to get people facing your dilema into the trg system and out as productive pilots earlier on, whilst still giving you the chance of getting a degree.

I don't know if this is still in place, but bear in mind, you won't have time to do it during professional trg and given the current op tempo, when you do have a few spare momoments to yourself I would suggest you would be wanting to spend it with your family and friends rather than with a head in a book doing course work.

If the RAF really wants you, they will be happy for you to go off to get a degree and then do IOT - you will be a much better position, both as a person and having a safety net.

In all this, remember to look after yourself your future aspirations - the RAF won't do it for you. This means that you'll start flying almost straight away in a no pressure environment which will help massively when you do later begin EFT. I have just finished my degree in economics at Manchester metropolitan university, and earlier on today, I had a meeting with a Sqn Ldr who was on a university careers visit.

DANTES Information Bulletin (DIB)

He said, however, that because I am 23, and 24 in December, by the time my application was sorted, I would most likely be beyond the age cut off point. He also said that because I am dyslexic, I would find it hard to reach the high marks of the aptitude tests required to become a pilot. Both of which seem interesting, but do not cater for my dream of flying.

Can anyone give me some advice as to whether I should continue with an application or not? Will they really say "sorry, to late" if I am just over 24 when they review my application and selection scores? There is nothing to be gained by just not bothering and then spending the rest of your life wishing!

Re-Heat 21st May Dyslexia will not hinder you if you are intelligent, accurate and motivated. Pontius Navigator 21st May Also no longer are you only considered for the branch to which you apply.

Similarly you will undergo the full assessment process. If, at the end you are not offered a place in your chosen branch then you may be asked to consider other choices. Like aircrew these are aptitude related jobs with similar skill sets to aircrew.

Naturally if they fill up the aircrew slots and the 'extra' aircrew candidates depart it follows that ATC and FC will run short. I've heard a rumour that Cranwell is struggling to fill places on IOT and therefore the intake is increasing? Wader2 22nd May If there was a struggle to fill places on IOT, why would they increase the intake? It does not follow however that they would widen the acceptance criteria. This is a rumour only answer, not an absolute one.

Adski Where did you hear that rumour Jester? Also it mentions on the RAF careers website that many officer branches including pilot are apparently 'urgently needed'. Adski 23rd May It gives me that little bit of extra hope as i'm dedicating almost all of my time to impressing at Cranwell.

PN, I couldn't agree more. I like some of the aspects that military flying offers and will probably apply again. What kind of marks are regarded as above average or good in the fitness test, bleep, press ups and situps? PUT 23rd May I would just give the office you appied in a call and they will tell you: It's been two weeks since mine but I still haven't been issued an offical date.

I have recently moved area too, so with changing GP's it's going to take two weeks to send off my medical records to Cranwell.

I assume they wouldn't offer a date until these have reveived the all clear? Pontius Navigator 23rd May There are lots of AFCO, hundreds of applicants, and few people to process them.

Then there are a limited number of OASC boards. As people need to be offered an interview, then write back and accept or request a new date, it will take quite some time to 'line all the interviewees up'. Essentially they will sort you all in to a pile. You might wait 6 weeks of more. I guess I just want a confirmed date that I can work towards, so that I can fit in all my preparation into a deadline. However, while waiting, I'm giving myself a time limit of twelve weeks to get everything done.

DANTES - Undergraduate Admission Exams

If it's any longer then it just gives me that little bit extra time to prepare but at least I know i'm not going unprepared. Surge 24th May At OASC be yourself, relax as much as possible and enjoy it. It is designed to select the right people for the course, if you somehow manage to slip through then you are not going to enjoy it here.

As far as training and prep goes then get as fit as possible, push ups and sit ups are what they test you on in P'Ed as well as your mile-and-a-half time.

oasc free military dating

You ideally want to be banging out 77 push ups, 80 sit ups in two minutes and running said distance in under 9 minutes. If you can do this then you will be ready for everything they have to throw at you.

Dating/Relationships in the Military

Don't wait for anything, start training now and don't let up. You are also going to be at least a competant swimmer, ideally a good swimmer. Aircrew have a bastard of a swim test consisting of 4 lengths and 2 minutes treading water before hauling your ass out, all done in a flight suit.


Military members are responsible for paying the retest fee. Up to two SAT exams are funded per lifetime of service for eligible Service members. Service members are responsible for scheduling the test, adhering to the published National and International Test Dates Calendar, and paying the test fee at time of registration.

Commercially-administered SAT exam fees are funded on an "after-the-fact" reimbursement basis. The official score report and payment receipt are required for reimbursement. All exam reimbursement requests must be submitted via the Electronic Reimbursement Request. Paper-based forms are not accepted. Additional expenses including but not limited to and also not refunded by SAT: Contact the Exams Program via email at exams navy.

Retest Policy Retesting options vary for Service members based on type of testing location. The following restrictions apply: An examinee choosing to test more than twice per year must do so at an SAT Test Center and on a self-funded basis. Up to two SATs exams are funded per lifetime of service for eligible Service members on an "after-the-fact" reimbursement basis.

Refer to the SAT program website for testing information.