Slingerland serial number dating guides

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slingerland serial number dating guides

Here is a brief history of the Slingerland Drum Company from For more detailed information on Slingerland, please visit the “Guide to Vintage Drums” section of this web Serial numbers were now stamped into every badge. Slingerland drum; Veneer guide; Drum badge; Slingerland catalog The lack of accurate serial number recording and large overlaps and. r/drums Official Beginners Guide From various sites I could tell the kit is from the mid-'60s from the Slingerland Label/Serial Number. The serial numbers and badges can give you a vague idea of the date, but not much.

The shape of the badge is a great identifier. FromSlingerland used metal badges with a more floral shape.


In they switched to round badges in solid metal colors. From on the company began using the oval badge with a black background that you still see on Slingerlands today.

Date your Slingerland drum by identifying the veneer of the drum. The veneer is the exterior covering used to protect and color the drum. Slingerland experimented with veneers more than any other company. They have a much larger range of coverings for their drums than almost any other company and many veneers from different years are extremely similar.

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The veneers were also reissued occasionally and can make dating a Slingerland drum difficult. The best way to date a drum by veneer is to find a veneer guide online, such as the Slingerland finish guide on www. These photos, together with the shape of a badge, can help you narrow your date down considerably. Look at the bottom of your badge and note where the drum was manufactured. Slingerland drum company manufactured drums at many different locations throughout the years. Now at reports.

August 4, I continue to gather information. Gretsch - 7, total, 3, Round Badge Ludwig - 10, total, with date stamps and serial numbers, with Date Codes Ludwig Standard - total, with date stamps and serial numbers, 42 with Date Codes Slingerland - 68 with serial numbers and date stamps yes, I track Slingerland also People continue to provide incorrect information about their drums when offering them for sale.

Usually I can figure out where the obtained their incorrect information, but not always. Inform yourself about vintage drums so that you do not pay too much for a drum that had undisclosed modifications throw-off or hoops changed, rewrapped, interior repainted or is not as old or new as represented. May 31, During a fun weekend at the Chicago Drum Show I had a chance meeting with Dick Schory, who spent about fifteen years at Ludwig during the late s through the s.

I hope to follow up with him and seek answers to some of the questions I have about date stamps, serial numbers and Date Codes. While at the Show, I also reconnected with Gary Astridge, Ringo historian, and listened to his presentation about some of Ringo's gear. This was even more interesting this time because I had just acquired an all original circa Oyster Black Pearl Super Classic set, complete with period Ludwig hardware and Zildjian cymbals.

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This is much like Ringo's 3rd and 4th Ludwig sets used during the Beatles era. November 19, The databases continue to grow. As of today, the totals are: Gretsch - 6, total, 3, Round Badge Ludwig - 9, total, with date stamps and serial numbers, with Date Codes Ludwig Standard - total, with date stamps and serial numbers, 38 with Date Codes Slingerland - 58 with serial numbers and date stamps yes, I track Slingerland also New Project: I have communicated with a number of people about the issue and believe I have a fairly complete case for showing that this statement is not true.

I am still working on the project and would welcome any information from anyone with actual knowledge of the topic. May 13, I was recently exchanging correspondence with an original owner of a set of Ludwig drums purchased in He indicated that the February report of a drum with serial number XXX did not make sense to him. This inspired a fresh look at some of the raw data graciously shared with me by Rob Cook and Mike Machat.

That particular drum appears on Mike Machat's long list as serial number with a February date. While I was vetting the information I was using for my project, I figured out that about twenty of Mike Machat's drums had dates which were actually converted Date Codes.

slingerland serial number dating guides

I instead listed them in the Date Code section of the paper. It turns out that the drum is one of these drums with a converted Date Code. This is because there are a more than twenty reports of drums with date stamps after September 15, and serial numbers above These reports suggest that the February date should not be far off for a drum with serial number Nonetheless, it hit me as something quite interesting and worthy of sharing.

It also points out how nice it would be to be able to figure out the true meaning of the Date Code. Anyone with a good theory on the Date Code? They built the foundation upon which I built my own guide. I only point out discrepancies in order to improve the information available.

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The Gretsch list now includes more than drums, with over from the Round Badge era. The Ludwig Main Line list includes more than unique entries with both serial numbers and date stamps, with serial numbers and Date Codes, and over entries overall. Please keep the information coming. I receive reports from an average of two or three people each week and continue to scour eBay, my local Craigslist and the drum forums for data to add to the lists.

September 23, Daniel Assis and Mike Layton continue to provide reports and I am still collecting information from ebay and other sources. The Gretsch database now contains more than 6, entries. The Ludwig Standard database now has more than entries.

slingerland serial number dating guides

I am pleased that I have been able to provide improved information to help vintage drum enthusiasts to date and authenticate their vintage drums. Work continues on questions like the Date Code used by Ludwig in the time frame. Refinements are being made to the guides as more information is gathered. Once enough new information and insight is gained, I plan to revise both guides.

I try to share information on vintagedrumforum. Feel free to contact me if you have reports of drums or questions about what I have written.