Phantom dating simulator 4

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phantom dating simulator 4

This blog is dedicated to the Ren'py visual novel, Danny Phantom Date Sim. The game is supposed to run about 4 weeks, and we've only. Playing a dating-sim because it has hentai in it is like trying to look at porn So like Phantom of Inferno / Hourglass of Summer type choose a. Phantom Trigger is a Hardcore Neon Slasher with RPG elements. Figure out what's Release Date: Aug 10, Phantom Trigger has 4 alternate endings .

Only poll votes count. That's what Brylle Tennyson wonders. After gaining the most powerful device in the universe, he tried protecting his city, but became an outcast. Alone, he fled from his corrupt city and went to a new one named Hunie City. Will he ever be normal while hiding his true identity?

Dream Daddy: Dadrector's Cut Will Bring Hot Dads to PlayStation 4

A sequel to the "great" story I made earlier. She wakes up, only to find a pinkie sized person standing outside of her computer. It appears to Nikki that one of her Sims escaped! What will she do? Rated T for language, slight nosebleeds, and cuteness. This story is based off of a weird dream I had after playing Sims 4. Fairy, Dave gets a job at the Sky Garden Building.

phantom dating simulator 4

What will happen with the human and the love fairy known as Kyu Sugardust and the Goddess of Love known as Venus? New Cartoon Universe here. Please read and review. Venus - Complete Chipmunk vs Fairy by Isiah02 reviews The beautiful love fairy known as Kyu Sugardust comes for a visit at the Seville house but turns out to be a real annoyance. How will she react? Based off of the Dashie vs. Your chopper is your Aerial Command Centre, where you can choose a mission or side op to go on and deploy into the field.

HEX Most of the time your objective is to either extract a prisoner or eliminate a target. And occasionally blow something up.

phantom dating simulator 4

Which might sound like it would get repetitive, but the sheer freedom you have in how you tackle those objectives is mind boggling. Bajo, moving to an open world was absolutely the right decision for this series. And you're right - I found those first few missions quite repetitive, but that was because I was doing the same thing.

Go in, drug everyone, get the objective, and then shoot my way out. But once you unlock some new gear to play with, and realise you have such free reign over this big open world you soon find every base can be approached from almost any angle and with any style.

HEX If you want to try for pure stealth and avoid everyone, do it. Or just go in guns blazing. Or why not just bring a tank?! BAJO Or just try to steal everything and everyone you can with the greatest or - depending how you look at it - the silliest pieces of tech around. The Fulton surface to air recovery system - which is a balloon.

Attack Helicopter Dating Simulator

Ah Hex, I could balloon all day. And I did, if only to hear their screams. HEX Ballooning sheep is oddly compelling, isn't it Bajo?

phantom dating simulator 4

But all that's just the tip of the tactical iceberg at your finger tips. Add in elements like day and night cycles, and weather events, plus the huge assortment of tools and gadgets and buddies that completely change how you play, and you've got yourself quite the strategy sandwich.

The buddies are great. You start with a horse that's nice and fast which makes it a joy to ride, and reminds me a lot of riding through Red Dead as I picked flowers and chased goats. BAJO But then you get the puppy!

BAJO Yes, but it doesn't stay cute for long, because it grows up and that pup can then come on missions with you. BAJO Yeah, he's still pretty cute. He's super useful since he can instantly spot any nearby enemy for you.

phantom dating simulator 4

And also rip their throats out, with a little doggy knife. Don't know why he needs a knife, he's got teeth but there you go. HEX You'll also get Quiet who can scout out enemy camps and provide sniper support. And finally you'll get the walker which can be kitted out with a range of powerful weapons. BAJO Those things look ridiculous to ride. But yes, combine your different buddies skills with all the other tools at your disposal and the possibilities for how to approach any situation are near endless.

Even by the time you finish the game it's unlikely you've have tried everything. HEX Yeah, no two peoples' run throughs are ever going to be the same which creates those great water cooler moments where you compares notes on other people's outings.

I always like to try my best for stealth but inevitably it all hits the fan and then I just do whatever it takes to get the mission done! BAJO The shooting mechanics have come a long way, and they're just excellent now. And at first I found myself being a bit more gun-ho and raining down grenades and bombardments on a base. And it's often the easier way to go, but the game does encourage you to play stealthily. And it's fun to do so because those mechanics have also evolved and they're excellent, so you actually want to sneak about and challenge yourself.

But most importantly if you knock guards out you can extract them and add them to your Mother Base staff.

phantom dating simulator 4

Now you work for me! HEX And you're going to want to get yourself some decent staff since Mother Base is your key to unlocking better gear. As you play you'll have to invest in building additional platforms and staffing them in order to start developing more advanced weapons and equipment for you and your buddies.

BAJO It's such a satisfying gameplay loop to have what you do on the field feed back to Mother Base, and then what you do with your Mother Base feeds back out to the options you have on the field. HEX I always enjoy a bit of base building and metagame tucked into my games Bajo. And Mother Base is just so epic! It's like four kilometres across once you get it built up! BAJO It's crazy big.