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my little pony r34 newgrounds dating danw of the final day . what will happen with this blog after seeing the new rules of tumblr? QwQ. cropped porn is the futur . Princess Luna king_sombra My Little Pony Rule 34 Anthrofied Originally a mischievous sprite from German mythology/folklore, dating back to at least . This is a hentai animation, of My Little Pony no less, so if you dislike hentai or are under the appropriate age Best Sex Games Hentai Flash Games Sex Games Hentai hentai game Porn Games Release Date, April 30, Game Tags, My Little Pony simulation anal. VIA, Adult new grounds - Sim dating games for girls newgrounds, Adult chat no sign if your child is a young girl who happens to search "My Little Pony" she migh.

Sorry for the site running slow for a bit. The Flash portal is utilized by Newgrounds members to submit Flash content. Registered users can submit new Flash games or animations and can vote between 0 and 5 on existing submissions.

The Audio Portal is a media sharing platform where artists can submit and share all types of music, all of which is free to use for remixes under Creative Commons license. The Art Portal is a place similar to the Audio Portal with an option for users to opt out of Creative Commons license. Launched on June 18th,the Art Portal allows art submissions of any genre or medium, but it primarily focuses on digital art.

Influence Some of the earliest users of newgrounds like typequeen and Doki66 went on to have huge fame on youtube.

Adult new grounds - e-adult game

The website was featured on the news a number of times. Has a huge influence on the underground electronic music and modern rock music communities. And most of the times has information before Reddit.

Strawberry Clock aka "King of the Portal" The strawberry clock bonanza started after the user strawberry clock started a widely popular series of videos on the flash portal. He is one of the older users dating back from March ofhe is the king of the portal as proclaimed by Tom Fulp himself.

The videos he makes are usually random but constantly funny. The games can either be simple like b the game or complex like clock day smack down ' Traffic As of September 27th,Newgrounds has an Alexa [10] traffic rank ofa Compete [11] rank ofand a Quantcast [12] rank of Search Interest Search for Newgrounds peaked in Junewith search consistently rising during the summer months and December, corresponding with school breaks.

Search overall has been steadily declining, similar to the decline in searching for flash animation as well as YTMND and Ebaum's World, two sites that were also popular memetic hubs in the s. The team of 5 say that they are still working on it slowly adult new grounds their free time but at the moment it is finished.

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Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post. This includes but isn't limited to: I have to say that all of the Greasy Moose videos are the best I've ever watched adult new grounds fine for kids.

my little pony r34 newgrounds dating

Well, nfw considering how many of these reviews say it's for gay bast-rds Let a 12 year old play it with filters, should be find. Or you can find many of the vids vr masterbator YouTube, with none of the adult new grounds.

my little pony r34 newgrounds dating

Helped me decide 1. Parent of a 2 and 7 year old Written by Ace September 14, adult new grounds My kids beat it all day long.

my little pony r34 newgrounds dating

Adult Written by Pizza G. Gives a place for independent animators to express creativity; some questionable stuff Newgrounds, much like YouTube, is a very open platform--so naturally, while some animations will be appropriate for younger audiences, many of them have graphic adult content.

There is an adult section on the site--and adult new grounds it porngames an age verification feature, this can be easily bypassed with the click of a button. In the adult section pornographic games and sexualized animations including hentai are openly displayed--not for kids.

Iffy, but fine for teens mature enough final fuck game handle the disparity in content.

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We have reduced support for legacy browsers. Adult Written adult new grounds R. Gorunds when you're a young adult, but dildo bike xxx suitable for teenagers The dress ups are what have caused me a lot of trouble; they're easy to access and not age appropriate at all. However, this site does have some good features, and I have found adult new grounds than one decent dress-ups, if not normal. Anyone can access this content without having an account.

Sex Game - Paper Doll 1 by Newgrounds It would be better if you had to make an account to view certain things, but still anyone can say they are It's really ashame too, the site has hitomila game. Parent of a 14 year old Written by carole January 17, adult new grounds Animated XXX rape porn openly available to anyone logging in.

I just logged in through my 13 yo son's account, and within a few clicks, including one saying I was over 18, I was watching XXX animated porn of anal rape by a cartoon character. Closeup views of genitalia This adult new grounds appropriate for anyone, much less the kids that have easy access to it. Thus to make up for that they put ratings on every game art and video. If dont trust your kids ask them what they want to see then watch it and chose from there. Parent of a 14 year adult new grounds Sexy sex boobs by Mr.

Boxbox September 24, The Art Portal in its complete form was adult new grounds in June Work through and adult new grounds on aspects of the site redesign, until its complete launch on February 7, Features implemented included an improved browsing interface and a Project system to help users better manage their submitted content. Newgrounds also published their first mobile game, titled GroundCatsthrough the App Store in As progressed, major changes included the launch of the video player, allowing users to publish movies that were not in.

SWF format for the first time, and support for HTML5-coded games, which meant users were no longer limited to submitting movies and games made in Flash.

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The home page of Adult new grounds displays a showcase of the weekly and monthly diy toys for women submissions on the site for the Movie, Game and Art Portals, as well as a newsfeed of posts from founder Tom Adult new grounds. Aug 29, - A critical overview and history of the adult games section of Newgrounds including an in-depth look at the popular SimGirls game.