Luis coronel dating

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luis coronel dating

Veg Speed Dating — Z Pizza, N. La Cañada Drive, Oro Valley. Tucson's own Luis Coronel plays a Valentine's Day concert at Rialto. Nothing left to lose:A luis coronel fanfic. by luciiddreams of Escape the fate. +. Luis was dating Adilene Idalie, he had met her at orientation day at college. +. Becky G has been rumored with some musicians, including Luis Coronel, after her split with Austin Mahone. But amid new gossip linking her to.

He was on his couch watching a hockey game, wearing nothing but a pair of sweat pants. Juvia was snuggled up against her boyfriend wearing an oversized hoodie that she took from one of his drawers. Both sat quietly enjoying each other's presence and nervously watching the game, hoping that their favored hockey team would win to advance to the next game for the hockey games championship.

During the whole game, Gray tried to enjoy watching it, since it was his favorite sport, only that he couldn't enjoy it because of his guilty thoughts.

He broke the silence between the two when the screen of their flat television began airing commercials. His hands became sweaty when he saw her loving eyes pierce his dull ones. Juvia on the other hand looked up at him confusion roaming all over her face.

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How was he going to say this and not sound like a major jerk? I've never been the way you are to me towards you. I'm always being a dick, I've made you cry multiple times because of my stupidity. I've made you angry because I'm a mess. I forget about important dates, like our anniversary, Valentines Day, and especially your birthday.

I've fucked up so many times that I have lost count and you're still with me. I never even tell you that I love you. Why are you still with me? Why haven't you left yet? Juvia was silent for a bit until she wrapped her arms around his neck and held him. Gray soon realized the reason behind the action, he felt hot tears run down his face and wrapped his arms tightly around her small waist. They stayed like that for a short while before Juvia broke the silence. There is nobody like you that Juvia could compare to the world.

Even your flaws, for her are perfect. Your insecurities towards Juvia are nothing but love Gray-sama.

luis coronel dating

Juvia loves you very much and you are perfect for her. How could she say all that after all the shitty things he had done to her? After all I've done Juvia, I always hurt you but you still comeback to me. Juvia will never stop loving you and you will never stop loving Juvia. Gray couldn't imagine living without her. Juvia was so important to him in his life, no one or anything will take her away from him.

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Once he had them under his control again, he looked up to his girlfriend. He slowly brought her lips towards his and kissed her. Not like the kisses they usually shared.

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This one was slow and passionate. Gray spilled all his emotions into this one kiss as he slowly angled his head to deepen it.

They should really have more kisses like this, because Gray was totally digging it and so was Juvia. Who's heart was beating rapidly as her boyfriend kissed her deeply. There kiss did not speed up like many others did, but stayed slow and steady.

There slow and passionate make-out session lasted for a while until cheers and shouts came from their television screen pulled them apart to look at the screen.


Apparently Gray's and Juvia's favored team had won the game and were advancing to the next one. Juvia smiled and kissed the tip of Gray's nose. Promise Juvia you won't question her love and affection towards you.

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Luis and Becky G

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luis coronel dating