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Mar 9, At a cost of ££ in the UK, the LTE-enabled Ascend G7 is a a later date) and comes with KitKat's on-screen navigation keys which use. and returns on eligible orders. Buy Huawei Ascend G7 SIM-Free Smartphone - White at Amazon UK. Also check our best rated Smart Phone reviews. Mar 31, Huawei's Ascend G7 is a in mid-range Android smartphone with Huawei launched the Ascend G7 back at IFA in September , but it's only just arrived in the UK Here's our Huawei Ascend G7 review See also: Best smartphones . Apple Streaming Service Release Date & Apple TV Subscription.

For a handset at this price point, the all-metal finish adds a premium feel that is far superior to the plastic found on other devices. A key element of EMUI is the ability to truly customise the look and feel of your home-screen. The customisable keys are incredibly useful as they allow you to change the layout to suit whether you are left-handed or right-handed and allow you to fully utilise the navigation bar.

EMUI also gives you the option to enable the navigation bar to automatically hide which allows you to make full use of the display. From the homescreen, Huawei have also added a universal search option which can be accessed by swiping down and allows you to search through your apps, contacts, messages and others whilst also displaying recently used applications.

The suspended button replicates the three navigation keys — making them easy to access from anywhere on the screen without having to stretch — and also allows you to quickly lock your device or improve the performance with a single tap.

Selecting the latter option merely displays a notification saying the handset is now running in optimal condition without providing any detailed feedback on the changes.

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Other motion control options include the ability to turn off the screen by covering it with your palm, double touching the display when switched off to turn the screen on and drawing a letter — such as the letter c to launch camera — on the screen when the handset is switched off to launch an application.

The icon set is colourful and playful whilst the overall performance is fluid and impressive. Camera UI The camera UI is simple yet intuitive with a rotating dial allowing you to switch between the All-focus, Photo and Video modes by flicking up or down. When in Photos, the additional features — such as panorama and HDR — can be accessed by tapping the drop down menu in the top right which also provides access to other features such as Beauty, Best Photo and Watermark.

The rest of the camera settings — such as resolution, GPS tagging, default save location and others — are all nested away inside the settings menu and rather unintuitively, you can only change the photo resolution whilst in photo mode and the video resolution whilst in video mode.

As part of EMUI, Huawei have added several functions to the camera including voice activation of the shutter, the ability to customise the role of the volume keys and options to adjust ISO, White balance, Exposure, Saturation, Contrast and Brightness to allow you a large degree of control over your photos.

The amount of options to customise performance and capabilities adds to the experience and the camera should satisfy most people, even a budding photographer.

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Daylight Like most smartphones, the Ascend G7 camera performs best in day light conditions when natural lighting is at its peak. Does the beauty-level feature work? Do you think beauty level works? Most people will probably just comment that it looks like a cheap Chinese knock-off, which in a way it is, but that also does a disservice to the Ascend G7, which does a lot more than simply rip off Apple.

Although I really like the look of the Ascend G7, I can't help but feel that if Huawei had gone for a design that, while stylish didn't quite invite comparisons to Apple's flagship as much as it currently does, the handset would have a better chance of stepping out from the iPhone's shadow.

The metal unibody not only looks premium, but also feels premium. It has a weight that feels far from cheap, and the solid build quality gives you confidence that you could safely take the Ascend G7 out and about with you. The body is nice and thin The metal unibody does contribute to the weight of the handset, with the scales tipping at g with a 5.

Still, the heft of the Ascend G7 means that you don't have to worry about any bendgate shenanigans, with the 7.

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The power button and volume rocker are located on the right-hand side of the handset within easy reach, and considering the size of the screen I'm pleased that the power button isn't placed on the top of the handset, as it would be a bit more of an uncomfortable stretch to reach it.

Trays for the SIM card and MicroSD continues the premium feel Alongside the power and volume controls are a tray for a SIM card and a microSD slot, and the designs are flush with the edge of the Ascend G7's body, which again helps give the handset a premium feel. It does, however, also mean that you'll need a pin to insert into the small holes to eject the trays, which can make swapping out SIMs and microSD cards a bit fiddly. The entire body of the Ascend G7 is sealed shut, which some people might see as an unwelcome influence from Apple, so there's no easy way to gain access to the G7's mAh battery to replace it if the battery life drops drastically.