Ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

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ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

The Ford Explorer is a range of SUVs manufactured by Ford Motor Company. Introduced in UK models; Middle East and Asia; Current exports ; Other usage . In early , the Ford Explorer Sport Trac was introduced, which was a mid-size pickup truck; offered with a crew cab with a short pickup bed. Ford didn't sell many US-built Explorer SUVs over here. 24 Jun What luck, then, that the car I happened to be driving that week was a Ford Explorer. The UK doesn't exactly have a shortage of Ford dealerships, so the reason has to be at speed mph Price From £ approx Release date 01/11/ The Ford Flex is a mid-size crossover SUV manufactured by the Ford Motor Company since the model year. The Flex supersedes the Ford Taurus X and.

It's a jolly large vehicle, this, even though like many big off-roaders it has a high floor which reduces the vertical interior space quite noticeably.

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The packages in question look, they weren't carrying guns or ammunition, so will you stop speculating? So far so good.

ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

Better still is the fact that this is a comfortable car to drive, with splendid seats and generally well-placed controls. I don't know how much longer the Explorer can keep going in this market.

ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

The constant aim of manufacturers who build thunderous mud-pluggers is to make them feel like executive saloons to drive. I mean, let's face it - these vehicles are simply not being used in the conditions to which they are best suited, namely clambering over amusingly silly obstacles and remaining in control down dizzyingly steep and inconveniently slippery gradients.

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Previous experience of the Explorer has shown that it can do all that very well. What it can't do satisfactorily is travel along a straight piece of tarmac with anything other than a billiard-table surface. The slightest bump on the road comes crashing into the driving compartment via the none too sophisticated suspension, giving the lie to the well-furnished interior and showing that this is an off-roader first and a long-distance cruiser fiftieth.

The Explorer has been on sale in this country for a few years now, yet most of my car-conscious friends said they had never seen one before, or even heard of it.

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The UK doesn't exactly have a shortage of Ford dealerships, so the reason has to be at least partly that this car is lagging well behind other big off-roaders in terms of its on-road behaviour. If Ford is serious about this market, it should do one of two things.

ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

First, ditch the current Explorer and produce something which is more suitable for the people who buy cars like this. Or second, buy preferably cheaply a company preferably ailing which is already well known to potential customers and has plenty of existing cars preferably ripe for development.

ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

The Flex includes an independent rear suspension system and a traction control system called AdvanceTrac. Flexes were available in six or seven-passenger seating configurations, 7-passenger models have a bench seat for the second row.

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As part of the roof design, Ford offered three colors for the roof paint: On US models, reverse cameras were restricted to Limited-trim models. While the roofline and doors were retained, the front and rear saw major changes.

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On the tailgate, the Ford emblem was decreased in size and moved to the bottom right corner. Inside, the dashboard was updated, with a new 3-spoke steering wheel.

ford explorer 2000 review uk dating

Ford has not yet confirmed this. A direct-injected twin-turbocharged EcoBoost engine is available for the model. Marketing[ edit ] As part of the "electrifying the night" campaign, Ford partnered with Esquire magazine in the magazine's first issue with a cover using E Ink.