Entj dating problems forum

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entj dating problems forum

What do you think about relationships between ENTJs and INTJs? The focus of this View Profile · View Forum Posts. Kullervo is Hm. I thought the opposite, though I have at times had problems with them in the past. Quote. Join Date: Nov ; Location: Freiburg im Breisgau; TIM: ENTj .. were meaningful to them, especially if there were issues that baffled their Fi. Subservience is an ENTJ's kryptonite - they cannot NOT lead, which is why they have no problem stepping up to the plate to call the shots.

I do this because my morals say that it is the right thing to do, and I recognize that some people will have a hard time letting go of an issue until someone has acknowledged their mistake. If an ENTJ messes up, he or she is very unlikely to want to say sorry. Saying sorry admits a mistake on the ENTJ's part, and ENTJs believe that mistakes are to be expected, fixed and learned from so they don't repeat the blunder.

entj dating problems forum

If you aren't making mistakes you aren't trying hard enough. And who should apologize for trying too hard? They have zero tolerance for whiners ENTJs are highly independent and believe that everyone is responsible for their own fate in life.

Complaining, blaming, shaming and whining carries no weight with them. Don't approach them if you need to vent or rally against the injustices you're facing. They'll tell you to stop thinking and DO something. Either that, or they'll look at you like you're a worm. It's 'my way or the highway' Subservience is an ENTJ's kryptonite - they cannot NOT lead, which is why they have no problem stepping up to the plate to call the shots. While everyone else is agonizing over a decision, an ENTJ will have spotted the smart way to get things done, mapped out an action plan, and gathered all the resources she needs to accomplish her mission.

Which will succeed because, well, she's an ENTJ. While admirable in a crisis, this take-charge attitude can come across as controlling, unyielding, and irritatingly opinionated.

ENTJs can steamroll someone if they're not careful. In our house, this has led to some fairly explosive exchanges. I refuse to be manipulated. It's almost amusing to see the sparks fly However, ENTjs often run into problems, as their intuition is subjective, and therefore they need a strong boundary in which to make sense of the forces this gets a little tricky, but essentially think of it this way Within that painting there are smaller paintings that are put together intorverted intuition in order to create a relationship leading to the original whole painting.

ENTj's are able to see the relationships between the smaller paintings, but without seeing the whole picture first which they cannot do on their own the meaning of the smaller pictures has the risk of being inaccurate or simply wrong. This is why ENTjs often find themselves in tricky ethical situations unintentionally as they are incapable of providing the "big picture" perspective themselves, and need something or someone to provide it for them, which can lead to obvious problems.

This, as if knowing this about themselves, makes them somewhat skeptical of unestablished perspectives or ideas.

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This is essentially the ENTj's ability to show objective emotions They can do this, but it is not their strong area, as it is developed in spite of their preferred function, Te. This makes ENTjs a little over the top when it comes to their emotions. They have trouble finding the right approach with their outward emotions, which results in them being either too much or too little. This also means that when their emotions take over which is somewhat infrequentthey have trouble controlling them.

This results in them becoming angry very easily in times of high stress, and even violent. ENTjs are not adverse to using their fists to solve problems when words have failed.

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Conscious - Si Introverted Sensing - Static Sensing I'm pretty lukewarm about this term as well, so here's what it means. Your five senses all interact with one another all the time.

When you eat, your nose, eyes, and taste buds work together, etc This gives the ability to relate sensory information, as oppossed to intangible forces. ENTjs, in a word, are not good at this. They have great difficulty in appreciating complicated sensory inputs on their own, but this does not mean they won't try to an extent.

entj dating problems forum

They will spend a lot of time looking at different color schemes, or trying different wines in an attempt to understand what all the fuss is about, but unfortunately for the ENTj, they can't really tell the difference unless it is REALLY obvious. For instance, ask an ENTj to taste a wine they've never heard of or tasted before and stick an ISFp in the room with them, and you will see the rare moment in which the ENTj is made to look the fool.

Therefore, appreciating aesthetics on their own is something that they either painstakingly make the effort to learn through reading what other people think is good and bador completely ignore it alltogether. The latter choice can result in some laughable choices in wardwrobe among other things. This is not a point that ENTjs like to be criticized on, which results in the ENTj-ISFp conflicting relationship being probably the most openly hostile and quick to turn bad of all conflicting relationships.

Why are so many ENTj women single?

Subconscious - Ti Intorverted Thinking - Theoretical Logic This is the ENTj's strongest subconscious function, and it acts as a resevoir for theories and new ideas that they have come across. Friends falling in love with you is something that is recurring in your life combined with the fact that they are not attractive to you should make you wonder about it.

Why are they falling in love with you? What makes that happen? The fact that you understand guys so well and yet you still want to be wanted as a woman tells me that you are more balanced into your masculine compared to most women. That means you also need a more balanced into his feminine man. What I just said here can mean something or can mean nothing to you.

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Only you know the answer. But a bit more self evaluation about what you want from a man and what you can offer to him in return is the perfect step. And I mean it on all directions: However, we are emotional and detailed, enjoy problem solving, and can be perceived as too forward. Look for someone who intellectually challenges you physically, mentally, and emotionally. Avoid those who are playing mental games you are likely to attract these and find them equally attractive.

Love will come when you least expect it I know this is a hard one - theoretically this makes perfect sense, but emotionally this is hard to comprehend. Allow for love to grow into your life, rather than growing your life in search of love.

You have much to offer the world and a male figure that can captivate AND keep your attention all while communicating clearly and understanding your dynamic pace, will be a very lucky man.

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