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dating your spouse blog

Remember those butterflies on the first date? That first brush against your hand? First kiss? First everything? Yeah, those are pretty sweet. Keep up to date with our latest and greatest posts. We are always adding new content to make sure you never run out of fun and fresh ideas for your marriage!. Why you should date your spouse forever, and some ideas on how to is sooooo huge, and I'm still learning how to balance the blog as well.

She and her husband, Brian, have been married for 2 and a half years. We are so very busy!

dating your spouse blog

We are not simply wives, but we are also mothers, homemakers, career women, cooks, entrepreneurs, and organizers. As a result your married life gets the whatever is leftover of your time. Marriages cannot last on leftovers for long. Dating in Marriage makes making your relationship a priority easy.

If you are ready to take the next step in building a more intimate relationship with your husband, then this book is for you!

dating your spouse blog

FAQs How much time will it take to complete each date night? Do I have to complete these dates in order? Not, however some dates are seasonal so take that into consideration. How long will it take for my book to arrive?

dating your spouse blog

If you order through Createspace your book should arrive within 2 weeks. If you order through Amazon you can choose your delivery method. Ebooks are available for instant download. Will I need to write anything down?

dating your spouse blog

Each month you will receive date night questions to answer together. We were such a strong unit and our friendship, that was at the core of our relationship, was still just as strong.

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Soon after getting married, we seemed to have one devastating hurdle after another. We lost our beloved puppywhich made us feel like we had failed at our first experience as parents. New parents — photo by Blue Bird Creative Our second child, was a little unplanned. Although she was a much needed ray of sunshine, we were so burnt out from our son, that our love of parenting was dissapearing and we were just going through the motions.

Why I'm Still Dating My Husband ~ Currently, Kelsie

Family of four — photo by Blue Bird Creative These events felt like waves crashing down on us. Just as we were able to pick ourselves up, another wave would come crashing down on us, throwing us to the ground. Finally, for a little while, things were calm. We went without any major crisis for about a year. During that time we each worked on ourselves. Although Mike and I were going on the occasional date, we relied on the fact that our relationship had always been very relaxed.

We enjoyed watching TV together after our kids were in bed, and that seemed to be enough. Little did we realize that we were drifting apart.

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But again, the waves of crisis reappeared and we were not ready… We experienced one year of secondary infertility, with two early miscarriages. Found out we were expecting spontaneous twins and the life-alterning pregnancy that followed. The financial strain of adding two new members to our family, mostly because of the help we needed to hire to survive.

All of the ups and downs of not only navigating newborn twinsbut getting used to the new family dynamic of having four kids.

dating your spouse blog

Mike, getting used to a new commute for work that was keeping him on the road for three hours a day. Going viral with my blog and being in the spotlight.

8 Ways to Date Your Spouse

Giving multiple interviews a day for two weeks straight. Trying to find our footing once the press tapered off. Finally, our four-year-old suddenly started going through an extreme period of anxiety and we had to help her find her way out of the darkness.

Family of six — photo by Sarah Martin Photography We were so beyond stressed that I was coping by pulling away and immersing myself in my work, and constantly getting breaks by going out with friends. Mike was becoming increasingly irritable, short tempered and impatient. I found myself dreading Mike coming home from work, and for the first time in the fourteen years we had been together, I was starting to picture what life would be like if we were apart. After I told Mike what Holden had said, he was shocked.

From that point on, we decided to communicate way more. Be on the same team. Let the little things go, and be more in tune with what kind of support the other person needed.