Christ based relationships dating

25 Top Bible Verses About Relationships - Encouraging Scriptures

christ based relationships dating

I figured we all knew what that “looked” like as Christians. I didn't feel completely comfortable praying out loud with someone I was dating. I figured we all knew what that “looked” like as Christians. I didn't feel completely comfortable praying out loud with someone I was dating. The Bible does not talk about "dating," but it does talk about relationships. This love is based on our relationship with Christ and is not dependent on feelings.

christ based relationships dating

So, be intentional to include others in your relationship. Plan group dates that help you experience how the person you are dating relates to other people. Attend small group Bible studies together and learn more how you each interact with the Bible as well as other believers. Sharing your time together with others early on will aid you in guarding against premature intimacy—whether it be emotional, spiritual, or sexual.

Also, I believe you will find that being intentional in how you develop intimacy will grant you numerous opportunities to grow together in ways you might not have the chance to otherwise. We often joke about the term missionary dating—which is when we date those who do not know Jesus in hopes we can save them, or share the gospel with them—but I want us to kind of reorient that term.

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What I think we need to be intentional about is making sure that anyone of us who is dating are seeking to promote the gospel through our relationship in light of those around you. Your relationship together becomes missional as you each individually seek Christ and the betterment of the other.

That in turn shows others a picture of the gospel. As you prepare for marriage while dating, it is good practice to consider this truth and work towards exhibiting the importance of the gospel to others by means of your relationship now. Matt Chandler states it this way in his book, Mingling of Souls: So, as we end this little foray into Gospel-Centered Dating, I do pray it has been helpful—at least as a springboard for deeper conversations regarding how to submit your romantic relationships to the Lord.

I know it can be easy to allow notions of duty and even tinges of legalism into the processes of life, but please know that my hope is not to add another layer of merely duty-bound responsibility to your plate; rather, my hope is that you begin seeing how wonderfully privileged you are as a child of God in Jesus.

christ based relationships dating

You have the opportunity to serve him in every area of life. Relationships just happen to be an incredibly large area of our lives, but how much more so should we be encouraged to know we can serve him and trust him even in the midst of seeking someone to live this life with and serve alongside? I am praying for you as you seek to please the Lord in all things!

The Recipe For a Successful Christian Relationship

God is our be-all and end-all. He helps lead us through relationships to give glory to Him. Seek Out the Lord Being a Christian is more than just a one-time announcement to your family on Facebook. It means constantly seeking out the Lord, growing and learning in your faith, and giving all glory to Him. The closer you grow to God the more successful of a relationship you will have, because God teaches us about being patient, forgiving, kind and loving.

Why Christian Women Need to Stop Over Spiritualizing Dating and Relationships

The Lord will show you what grace and mercy means so when you get in a fight with your significant other you can do the same. Share God as a Couple One way you can grow as both a Christian and as a couple is by sharing your faith together.

How to Have a God Centered Dating Relationship: 12 Steps

God wants your relationship to be focused on Him. You can do so through praying together, worshipping together, going to Bible studies together and the like. Spending time with God gives you opportunities to open up and have real, deep conversations with your partner.

Through sharing your faith, you are given opportunities to talk about thoughts, feelings, joys, fears, hopes, disappointments, and so on. Before meeting my boyfriend I told God that I was perfectly content with being single and that no matter what, I love Him and I will serve Him with my life. Few days later I met my boyfriend. God often does not give us a spouse until our heart is made right with Him first. We are not perfect, but here are some things we have already learned that can be helpful for your relationship also: Keep the end goal in mind Know why you are dating that person.

The purpose of dating is to find out if the person you are dating might be somebody you want to marry. Dating is the time to explore if the person you are dating is someone you want to marry. This does not mean that you have to decide during the first month of your relationship if he or she is the one.

Putting too much pressure on yourself can make everything harder. Intentional dating is about dating towards marriage while still being able to get out of the relationship at any time if you think that this person is not right for you. There is freedom in dating. Pray about your relationship and ask God to guide you and to reveal you His will for this relationship. Tell God that no matter what His will for this relationship is, you are willing to submit to it.