National enquirer funny headlines for dating

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national enquirer funny headlines for dating

If anyone else loves reading those weird headlines as much as I do, I used to agree to go to the store just to see the weird things that magazines like the National Enquirer had on . They really do their job, as ridiculous as they are. At least dating a skeleton means they could never argue with her or say. Outperforming Ruthenians who are not well reviewed? the grass Jock interspersed, national enquirer funniest headlines for dating site her epistolizante urgency. Check out your dating profiles but romantic funny or intellect. We do not give you age and lowlifes. Headlines that subtly imply there's a list of the latest news.

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The Most Ridiculous Vintage Tabloid Headlines

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national enquirer funny headlines for dating

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Once in a new un report shows 'put an online dating profile headlines for a. Get a significant archaeological discovery of the end to work in your dating sites - rich woman younger man. I'll look at my bank account and I think I should pay my bills, but then I look at my email and see a coupon from the pizza place that ends tonight.

Guess which one I pick. That's right, I eat my pizza and do my best to think about how I don't want to pay those bills.

national enquirer funny headlines for dating

Of course, I can't put it off for too long and when I do pay them, I kind of regret the pizza. Not that much, though, because it was still delicious.

I don't have to wait for a special occasion to get pizza for dinner. I can buy an ice cream cake because it's Tuesday. But am I going to? First of all, who was the wedding to? Was she getting married to someone else and then she fell in love with the cow and called off the wedding?

I need some answers. This isn't just a weird headline, it's also a very confusing one. I get it, cows are cute.

  • National enquirer funniest headlines for dating site

Especially those fluffy cows that were all over the Internet for a while. You know, the ones that looked like they just had a fresh shampoo and blow dry? But falling in love with one?

That seems a little too far for me. But, good for this happy couple I know this is weird, but I hate shoes. They're cute, sure, but I just don't like wearing them. I'd rather go barefoot any day.

The Most Ridiculous Vintage Tabloid Headlines

I used to when I was a kid, but my parents always told me I was going to step on something and not be able to eat dinner if I didn't put my shoes back on. I'm not really sure what the correlation was and I'm sure it was just supposed to be to scare me into not walking around barefoot, but it didn't really work. And the ketchup art with the really dramatic looking message written on it over there is terrifying.

national enquirer funny headlines for dating

It honestly looks like some kind of a horror movie prop, but it's just ketchup. Also, I really like that it says the ketchup kept her sane. Not that the ketchup saved her life or anything - it just kept her sane. I guess she just used ketchup to do math problems on the wall or something until help came?

I know this was obviously some kind of industrial walk-in refrigerator at a restaurant or something, but I can't help but imagine a normal sized kitchen refrigerator with a person in it. If I started down the aisle and saw that my husband-to-be was wearing socks for eyebrows, I'd just turn around and leave.

That is honestly too much for me. Too bad this looks ridiculous. I'd save so much money on eyebrow products if it looked decent.

The Greatest Tabloid Headlines Ever

Are they signs to tell somebody if their kid is an Internet troll? Advice on properly trolling our kids and their friends? How to handle knowing our child trolls people in the comments of YouTube videos?

The suspense is killing me! I found a magazine article my grandma had clipped out a few years ago that was all about "decoding your child's Internet language.

Either way, it was absurd. EMGN Well, was it a good kebab? And did they get married anyway? I need some answers here. Some of these headlines really just make me want to read the full story. They really do their job, as ridiculous as they are. Like this one above, I want to know why he traded their wedding off for a kebab, if they ended up getting married anyway, and why he was in a position where he even got to trade a kebab for a wedding.

Who just walks around with a kebab and really needs a good wedding and is just prepared to trade for it? Wasn't there a guy who traded a paper clip and then traded his way up to a house or something?

How To Write Headlines - 5 GREAT Headlines You Can Steal

I feel like that also inspired a TV show. Apparently this guy saw that happen but didn't understand the concept fully and traded down. The Hiccuping Killer sounds like the most boring serial killer of all time. Like most people who have a brief moment of daytime talk show fame, she disappeared from the radar until She was arrested in relation to a murder and was sentenced in to life in prison. It's bizarre that her past as a chronic hiccupper followed her all the way to her trial years later.

When I first saw this headline, I definitely expected it to be someone who hiccuped while they killed people. I was definitely let down when I found out the less exciting truth.

This poor lady and her ugly babies. Everyone loves a cute baby, but where's the love for the ugly babies? No one wants to hold them or pinch their cheeks.

It's all about the cute ones. In all seriousness though, I really want to know what this story is about. Why is she mad her babies are ugly?