It girl dating diary outfits for summer

Dating Diary: Should You Be Wary Of A Guy That Dresses Better Than You? | StyleCaster

it girl dating diary outfits for summer

May 19, A casual date night is the potentially one of the most fun activities It's not sexy to be the girl in super high heels who can't do whatever the. Jun 14, Tassel Dress (only in cream online right now) \ Lace up sandals \ Tory Read on to find out about one of my past summa summatime dates. He said it would be fine bc he's done that a bunch of times with others girls. I was really hoping this would be the summer I met Prince Charming but so far. Buy Unisex Summer Beach Slippers Dating Diaries Gassy Gorilla Flip-Flop Flat Home Thong Sandal Shoes: Shop top fashion brands Slippers at


He went on to tell me some stuff I feel weird even typing. First, he let me know that he was sooo pumped bc he just got a new job and he was finally going to make 30, a year. Yep, 30K…like the whole year.?!! Is that even minimum wage?

As I was letting that ginormous of a salary sink in, he then went on to ask if I thought he was handsome. He let me know that his Dad would agree, bc his Dad thought he was a very handsome man. At that point, this dude starts trying to hold my darn hand and sing to me.

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We had crossed the threshhold where the bartenders had now realized we were on a first date that was going south, quick. Naturally, one of the male bartenders started to kind of hover in the area where we were. I told date 8, that we should call it a night. We were about halfway done our second drinks at that point. He could just come back to my house and sleep over. What a dream come true!!

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Just when he said that, the bartender heard and saw everything and started laughing. By accident, he knocked my wine glass and spilled it all over me.

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They offered me a free drink, but there was no way I was spending a hot sec more with Captain Creepy Date. I threw down thirty bucks like I was slamming the whack-a-mole game and got to the elevator.

it girl dating diary outfits for summer

Every time I turned around, he was there. I got in my car, cracked my window and waved buh-bye to this trainwreck of a date.

Dating Diary: Should You Be Wary Of A Guy That Dresses Better Than You?

I called my mom to tell her I was safe and give her the lowdown on the horrendous night. Wait, yes she did.

it girl dating diary outfits for summer

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