Wooyoung and iu dating 2013

Who is Jang Wooyoung's Girlfriend? Lovelife of Wooyoung from 2PM | MIJ Miner8

wooyoung and iu dating 2013

After dating for four years, singer couple IU and Jang Ki Ha have officially ended their relationship. Both IU and Jang Ki Ha's agencies revealed. KPoP Dating Rumors I'll put the possible years these rumored-to-be ). 4 . Taemin: he said during WGM that he has dated a girl in 6th grade (C), "f(X)" Chanyeol: IU (Had a past together way back when EXO debuted but SM forced (?), "SuJu" Kangin, "2pm" Wooyoung, G-Dragon. These dating scandals were cleared up by the artists, but some fans continued Rumors about Taecyeon and Jessica started surfacing in , but they IU was in the spotlight again in when she was caught seeing a.

wooyoung and iu dating 2013

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wooyoung and iu dating 2013