Roy and felicity dating sim

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RELATED Arrow Scoop on Roy's Place on Team Arrow. Meanwhile, Oliver and Felicity went on their first date, which was cut short by an .. It justifies Laurel fighting, puts Laurel in the Team Arrow game and keeps Sara alive. When Roy and Felicity moved to Starling City they met Oliver in 10th grade. At the time he just started dating Laurel Lance, now it's been two years and .. It's the first game Roy has ever played for Starling, however he played. Things are not looking good for future Felicity after the latest Arrow, but at in Oliver's bow, which is what drove Roy to come back to Star City.

He just doesn't need to have his opinion said every time he can talk. Somehow though the two are friends. The only thing that is similar is they play football with Oliver and Roy. You'll be back to your computers in no time. Something you can always count on is Tommy being the biggest flirt. No one would say it out loud but he has a big soft spot for Felicity.

Probably because it's been two years and she never wanted to be more than a friend with him. And that is something he hasn't had with a girl in a long time, Thea and Laurel were different of course. Sara had a thing for him but got over it with Oliver. They all begin to walk toward the doors when they hear someone call out behind them, "So you guys are just going to leave me?! The group knew exactly who owned that voice, Laurel Lance.

She speed walks toward them with a perfect outfit, hair, and makeup. The four who looked annoyed all had their own reasons to make the face. Tommy wasn't fond of her because all the drama she put Oliver in. Sara didn't like her because she was her older sister. Thea didn't like her because the way she treated her brother and personality in general.

Felicity isn't crazy about her because of the way Laurel treats her, she acts like she's better than her. Diggle, Roy, and Oliver didn't have a problem with her, though. When Laurel finally reaches them she kisses Oliver quickly making Felicity want to look away. She smiles at them and lets out a breath, "Sorry, Coach made me stay a little long. Cons of being captain. Last time she did Laurel was yelling and bitching for the rest of the week about it.

It didn't help that she wanted to be a lawyer and her dad is officer Lance. Oliver and Laurel send him a look as they wrap their arms around each other. Which is another reason Felicity looks away from them. Only Diggle notices the way she turns away from them showing affection. I'll only bring a few friends. It'll be all chicks and you'll leave the place a wreck. Oliver and Laurel were a few rows back, Diggle is in the front row.

Sara and Thea are in some junior class they don't have.

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The teacher is babbling away not paying any attention to the three in the middle having a quiet debate. You two will be at work, the apartment will be empty. Felicity speaks up, "Been there, done that. We're never again letting you stay at our place alone. When Roy and Felicity came to Starling in Sophomore year they didn't come with any legal adult.

Donna Felicity's mother and Roy's adoptive one stayed in Las Vegas for her current boyfriend. She's never spoken to her dad all he does is gives them monthly money to help raise Felicity. The two raised money to move up there and is using the money Felicity's dad gives them monthly for the rent. They have jobs to get clothes, food, supplies, things like that.

Donna sends them money every here and there to help them. Their apartment is on the outskirts of the Glades, it's under Felicity's name.

Using her computer skills and knowledge she was able to fake her age and get an ID saying she's over The two came to Starling for a lot of reasons, the jobs, the education but the biggest reason is because Roy was born here.

He believes his family lives around her. They tried looking for them the first six months but then they met the gang and they slowly stopped trying. They still wanted to but for now, it's on didn't tell Donna the real reason they moved up here since they didn't want her to have a meltdown of something.

Malcolm Merlyn is his daddy, not only that but is a millionaire like Oliver's parents. Malcolm travels a lot and never brings Tommy. His mother died when he was little and it's been the two of them ever since. Probably why he is so rebellious because he never had parents to give him a limit. She bites her lip not knowing what to do in this situation. Yeah, she didn't know her dad but she didn't care too. Plus it was different since he lives with his father who is never there, she lives with her brother.

She abruptly puts the thought of Tommy's parents on hold when feeling someone looking at her. Felicity turns her head a little to see a handsome brown hair guy making glances at her a few desk from her.

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She smiles shyly at him and he returns it instantly. He nods with a bright smile causing her to blush. Looking back down to her notes and doesn't see Oliver behind her watching the whole exchange.

It's around 12 and mostly everyone in the school is going to lunch. The gang and Laurel have a certain table to sit at since junior year. It's in the corner where they're able to see everything in the room if something The walls around it are floor length windows so they could also see everything on the outside.

Felicity and Tommy walk together into the cafeteria and sit at their usual table. Sara and Diggle are already at the table eating. The rest of their group were nowhere to be seen. Coming up the two a the table Tommy announces seriously, "Okay guys I need help. Felicity goes around Tommy and sits next to Sara, Tommy moves to sit next to Diggle.

roy and felicity dating sim

Once sitting down he sends Sara a look before replying plainly, "Ha. Very funny, but no. I need help finding a girl for homecoming. He never liked going to school dances so he never saw one of Tommy's dates. If someone was going to drop out of school it would be Roy honestly. But Felicity would never let him do that, she already had to hack into this school to get him and her in. Tommy groans and puts his head on the table thinking about past dates, "Let's not go down memory lane.

We will not do this today.

Don't want us to ruin your ego? Felicity watches the sway of the tangled hands for a second too long before instantly looking anywhere else. Diggle watches her glum expression as she looks at the floor. Tomorrow night is the first game for Starling high school. The guys were all pretty nervous since it's their first on at Seniors. It's the first game Roy has ever played for Starling, however he played for their old school freshman year.

Everyone nods but Barbie making Oliver give her a confused look as he sits down next to her, "You aren't going? Plus their are plenty of other game y'all will drag me to. Roy rolls his eyes unimpressed but didn't say anything since he wanted Felicity to come. Laurel looks between Merlyn and Smoak curiously from his comment. Oliver surprisingly gives his best friend a threatening look. Thea then walks up to the table with the guy Felicity was making glances at earlier.

Reaching the gang the youngest Queen points to the guy beside her, "Have you Met Ray? This is his first year in this school. He's a senior like you guys, plays football too. Thea smirks knowingly at Felicity hoping Ray won't see it. Oliver looks at Ray like he wanted him dead. Roy sizes the guy up feeling threatened. Diggle glance between Ray, Felicity and Oliver. Tommy looked bored at the guy want Thea to introduce them to one of her hot friends.

The group stared silently at him long enough for him to raise an eyebrow and suggest, "You want to get lunch? Looking back up to him she nods with a shy smile, "Yeah. They all her walk beside him, they could see them talking. Felicity looked slightly nervous while he looked comfortable. Rickards herself wasn't available for interviews during the set visit. As for whether Felicity is actually dead, Harkavy said, "I actually really can't answer that.

Like, I don't know the answer.

roy and felicity dating sim

We also have to wait to figure out what "the Mark of Four" is, which is apparently what was on the note Roy found in Oliver's bow, which is what drove Roy to come back to Star City. Who could have put it there? They both decided that they had to keep it between them, just in case they can't trust William because the fact that he's Oliver's son is exactly what Roy is worried about.

Of course, we've got no idea what any of that means. The CW "It's something that will continue to unify the team in the future, basically," Harkavy teased of the Mark. And that's about it. At this point, everything we learn just gives us more questions than answers.