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Rebecca Budig and her professional skating partner Fred Palascak or going on a blind date with a conservative lobbyist in D.C., Sarah's. After a finale night of perfect scores, "The Natural" Rebecca and her partner Fred Palascak beat "The Underdog" Bethenny and partner Ethan. Here's the cold, hard fact about Skating with the Stars' Rebecca Budig: She skated as a kid, but she assures you that gives her no advantage.

He was really diligent and he had a game plan.

Skating With The Stars - Week 4 - Rebecca Budig

He had a syllabus. He knew what he wanted to do every day and that is what we worked on. I needed someone like that.

Rebecca Budig Wins Skating With the Stars Over Bethenny Frankel

He was not giving me them freely, that is for sure. Fred would only give me a compliment if I deserved it, and that sort of mentality sort of works with me. I also thought what was great was when you watched the two of you on the ice, there was chemistry. I can only imagine on each show what went through your mind! I mean you had to get through the performance, hit your marks…what was it like going out there on live television? It was hard; I am not going to lie. I was very nervous, but I tried not to go into that mode.

If I fall, I fall. I am going to do my best. I will never forget the episode where you injured your wrist in a bad fall during rehearsals and you wound up in the ER of Cedar-Sinai Hospital. I am not going to let this derail me, but I am in terrible pain. Laughs That is exactly how I felt! I mean, exactly how I felt. Then, in the finals on Tuesday night, you did the same move that injured you three weeks earlier! We did, and we did the move longer than we did the first time, and that is another thing about Fred.

He is very careful and cautious, and he did not do anything that would aggravate the wrist until the night of the finals. They had a physical therapist there and I worked with her. I tried to control the swelling, but its swollen today and black and blue! What we do in the name of competition! He did want to come to my work, and he was excited to be at All My Children and see what I do. I mean, I saw him at work ice-skating everyday as that is what he does for a living.

I wanted him to see what I do, too. I think what he took away, and what he realized is that soaps are a lot of hard work and not easy. It was different for Skating with the Stars. We got some rehearsal time for the ice-skating, so we did not just go out there and do it.

Of course, we were all shocked…everyone! But yes, it was a shock. Well you know, there is always one big shocker in these reality show competitions, to keep viewer interest. Speaking of Bethenny, there was so much trash talking by her during the competition. Did you two really get along? Yes, we did get along. I really liked her. She is very, very, funny and I really respect what she has done. She has built a brand, and she is successful.

She is actually very nice, and again, very funny. You had your buds there. And what did those buds say to you Tuesday night when you won your Golden Skates? Well first off, yes, I had my buds there.

My buds stood behind me. They were all very happy when I won the Golden Skates. Ian Buchanan gave me a necklace today with a skate on it! They were all very sweet to me. You have not gone back to work, obviously, since you have won. I had heard they worked around it. They did work around my schedule, and AMC was great. You know it was very difficult. It was difficult for them, it was difficult for me, and it was difficult for skating, but we managed to pull it all together and do it.

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Laurieann Gibson said it's hard to believe they've only been skating for 10 weeks. She loved Rebeca's flexibility. Dick Button takes his hat off to them for what they've had to do. Dick is still gushing over Rebecca, so if she doesn't hit it off with juicy Jonny she can always go for the Button-cute judge. Rebecca's sister Christy comes to watch the rehearsals. She was the skater in the family when they were growing up.

Fred and Rebecca do some serious spins and overhead lifts, but he wants to make sure she shines on her own instead of letting him do the work. Dick calls the performance a complete whole unit from the costumes to the choreography. It was soft, elegant, smooth and quiet. Johnny calls it "so stunning.

Laurieann basically says the other judges already said it all. They skated to Coldplay's "Fix You," which Rebecca said is a very personal song for her. Johnny gives her a 10! Grand total, free skate, and group skate: Bethenny jokes that her outfit from last week was worth an extra couple of points.

Rebecca Budig Wins Skating With the Stars Over Bethenny Frankel

No one brings up the Johnny vs. Bethenny conflict — when he told her, since she didn't care about the judges' comments, he didn't care to see her skate. It's all in the past, it seems. Their routine has some big moves, but it isn't as strong technically or artistically as Rebecca's.