Pokemon the movie black victini and reshiram online dating

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pokemon the movie black victini and reshiram online dating

Directed by Kunihiko Yuyama. With Sarah Natochenny, Eileen Stevens, Jason Griffith, James Carter Cathcart. Victini, a legendary Pokémon, unable to leave the . Join Date: Jan Whats the difference between the movies, i want to get 1 but dont know while Reshiram is the main Pokémon of Black—Victini and Reshiram. Damon's Pokémon is Reuniclus in White—Victini and Zekrom, while in Dashboard, Private Messages, Favorites, Who's Online, Search. Release date Pokémon the Movie: Black—Victini and Reshiram and Pokémon the Movie: White—Victini and The Movie: Victini and the Black Hero: Zekrom ( 劇場版ポケットモンスター ベストウイッシュ .. Battle Revolution · Pokkén Tournament · Quest · Go · Mystery Dungeon · TCG Online · Shuffle · Duel · Detective Pikachu.

Luisa's father thanks Damon for helping, but tells him to go home and that his plans are useless. Damon then tells the man that Eindoak Town can be revived, but he is again rebuffed. At that moment, a dust storm appears in the desert, and heads towards the village.

A herd of Bouffalant are startled by this, and they begin to stampede towards the village. Damon goes to check out the disaster and holds up his hand, cueing the appearance of Reshiram. Damon then climbs on Reshiram's back and orders it to destroy the dust storm, which it does with power and ease. In Black—Victini and Reshiram, the scene instead shows Damon and his Gothitelle visiting a town on a frozen tundra. He discusses the matter of the Kingdom of the Vale 's revival with a resident there, but is again dismissed.

He refuses to leave, asking to see Glacinethe village's chief. She and her son Luis are on a cliff working to find herbs with his Lillipup 's help. Below, on an ice shelf, a group of Beartic become agitated when a giant iceberg collides with the ice.

The cliff fractures, causing Luis to fall; then, as his mother and the first resident are trying to rescue him, the ice they are standing upon breaks off, stranding all of them in the path of the iceberg. Damon's Gothitelle saves Luis's Lillipup from falling into the water, and then Damon himself appears with Zekrom to destroy the iceberg. Damon and Zekrom reiterate their proposal, and, awed by the display, Glacine and her village reconsider.

Ash attempts to rescue them but begins to fall himself; however, he is rescued when Victini touches his foot out of his sight, giving him the ability to jump hundreds of feet across the canyon. Now separated from his stunned friends, Ash agrees to meet Iris and Cilan later and heads into a cave with the two Deerling.

pokemon the movie black victini and reshiram online dating

Victini shows Ash visions of the path he should take, allowing him to find his way through the cave. He reaches a giant cavern with a mesh of crystal paths, and Ash's presence mysteriously activates an orb and the crystals, before he is guided again to the cellar of Eindoak Town's castle and up to its balcony. There, he reunites with his friends.

Pokémon the Movie- Black - Victini and Reshiram (trailer)

Cilan explains that the castle is known as the " Sword of the Vale ", and is said in legend to have flown to its current location from a valley far away. While exploring the castle, Ash, Iris and Cilan share some macarons among themselves, but an invisible Victini keeps stealing Ash's macarons, much to his disbelief.

The group hears fireworks outside, which causes Victini to choke on a macaron as the group realizes they must hurry to the town's battle tournament. In the ruckus, Ash runs into the invisible Victini—this confuses him for a moment, but he brushes it off. The group encounters a relatively plain-clothed Damon, who introduces himself as the castle's caretaker and offers to escort them to the town, which they accept. In the town square, the group meets a woman named Juanitawho runs a Victini-themed souvenir stand with her Golurk which is Shiny in Black—Victini and Reshiram.

The town's mayor, Mannesgives a speech to the townspeople congratulating them for the bountiful harvest they have collected. Mannes sends his KlinkKlang and Klinklang into a large music machine, starting the festival. He explains the tournament's rules: In the first round of the tournament, Ash faces Mako and her Serperiorwhich he defeats with Pikachu's Electro Ball.

Iris battles a Trainer named Tatsuki and his Emboar with her Emolgabut Emolga uses Volt Switchforcing Excadrill to come out in its place, against the rules; the referee promptly awards the match to Tatsuki. However, Victini covertly appears and powers up Tepig, allowing it to defeat Samurott with an absurdly powerful Ember.

Carlita witnesses this, and, becoming suspicious, challenges Ash. When Ash's Scraggy attempts to Headbutt Hydreigon, it is knocked into the trees. Carlita sees Victini give Scraggy a powerup, after which Scraggy quickly defeats Hydreigon with a second Headbutt.

pokemon the movie black victini and reshiram online dating

Carlita surrenders her necklace to the judge, and then confronts Ash, informing the group of Victini's role. Suspicious that Victini was the one who stole the macarons, Ash uses one to bait it out. It appears, and Ash excitedly tries to befriend it. As the party travels through town, Victini hesitates in the shadow of giant pillars.

Ash tries to force Victini forward, but Victini gets clobbered by a magical barrier around the castle area, delineated by the pillars and preventing Victini's escape. Upset, Victini flees back towards the castle.

It is revealed that Damon is Juanita's son and Carlita's older brother. He has been traveling and has not contacted Juanita in some time, which she reprimands him for. Carlita attempts to cheer him by telling him about Victini's appearance, but he says he already knew. Inside, Mannes relays the legend of the tribe now known as the People of the Vale: They used a power in the earth called the Dragon Force to enrich their land, and all was well.

However, one day, the twin sons of the king —the Hero of Truth, who controlled Reshiram, and the Hero of Ideals, who controlled Zekrom—began a war over their beliefs. Reshiram and Zekrom battled and drained each other's strength, and then turned into orbs called Dragon Stones. The kingdom was devastated, and the Dragon Force corrupted and chaotic, ravaging the earth instead of healing it. Desperate, the king asked Victini to lend him its power, and he created the Pillars of Protection and their barrier to control the flow of that power.

Using this system, the king flew the Sword of the Vale, with all of the townspeople inside, out of the Kingdom of the Vale to a nearby mountaintop. There, the castle calmed the flow of the Dragon Force. However, soon after the castle landed, the king died, while the Pillars of Protection remained. The two regretful princes hid the Dragon Stones deep within the caverns of the Sword of the Vale. While watching Ash and his friends play with Victini, Damon informs his mother that her dream—that the People of the Vale could one day live again in the Kingdom of the Vale, as relayed in a flashback—can now come true.

He intends to borrow Victini's power just as the king did, and return the Sword of the Vale to its rightful place. Inside, without Ash and his friends, Damon relays his journeys over the past three years.

Damon visited the scattered tribal settlements of the People of the Vale to try to find support for his dream to reclaim the land that was the Kingdom of the Vale. He was always rebuffed, until one day he heard a voice emanating from the chambers under the Sword of the Vale. He and Mannes investigated, walking on a crystal path when, inexplicably, the two found themselves separated onto different paths. Damon went on alone to find his Legendary dragonand with it as his ally, he demonstrated the truth of the legend and his dragon's power by helping the leaders of the settlements.

Here, each version of the movie briefly shows Damon's dragon in the area from the opening of the other version—Zekrom assisting in the desert in Black—Victini and Reshiram, and Reshiram in the tundra in White—Victini and Zekrom.

The leaders agreed to help him—and as if on cue, they appear in Mannes's study in support of Damon's goal: Victini dreams about its millennium trapped in the Pillars of Protection, witnessing the establishment and growth of Eindoak Town. The dream ends with the spirit of the king returning to apologize for the trap, then saying goodbye and fading away; Ash inexplicably experiences the dream as well, and is awoken.

Victini takes Ash, Iris, and Cilan to a balcony, where it shows them the sunrise over an ocean shore; Ash comes to understand that Victini wishes to go to the shore, and promises to take it. Using Sigilyph's powers, Damon has the barrier's pillars moved to the castle, followed by Victini who believes the king is summoning it. Damon uses Victini's power to move the castle and redirect the Dragon Force's power to the valley.

Carlita and Juanita realize Damon is torturing Victini, and will eventually kill Victini.

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Victini recalls how the king told it that if the castle was moved again, the Dragon Force would become destructive and threaten to destroy the whole world. Ash ventures into the caves and finds the version's respective second dragon.

As Reshiram and Zekrom duel, both spot the destructive Dragon Force and join forces to stop it. The group evacuate the castle, but Damon wants to try and fix the mess he has made and Victini remains trapped by the barrier with Ash and Pikachu not wanting to leave Victini, as the Dragon Force's power grows deadlier and the castle floats up into the sky.

Damon explains the barrier's pillars must be destroyed to release the energy, but as the castle drifts up into the atmosphere, Ash collapses from the lack of air and falls unconscious due to the increasing coldness with Pikachu clinging to Ash's side, calling its trainer's name.

Unable to watch Ash die, Victini reacts by using its powers to revive Ash and blast apart the pillars, seemingly dying as a result, the contained Dragon Force energy being fired into space.

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Damon, Reshiram and Zekrom guide the castle back to the town and seal away the Dragon Force once again. Later, Ash, Iris and Cilan visit a nearby beach in Victini's memory, tossing one of Cilan's macarons into the ocean. Victini appears and eats it, now free of the barrier and has plans to restore the valley its way. Damon begs for forgiveness, receiving it from his mother.