Online dating apps pros and cons

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online dating apps pros and cons

Online daters are most likely to visit dating apps and services from Windows PCs and Android smartphones than any other type of device. And, 51% of online. Not too long ago there was still a stigma around online dating and dating apps. Pro: Met my boyfriend through sheer luck during a hook up. Cons: I have more than a few regrets.

When it comes to personal information, men are ready to share information about themselves much faster than women are. Turn-offs Despite the high proportion of people who use online dating services or apps, there are several factors that can put users off.

Faking it People might turn to online dating for fun and to strike up new relationships, but ironically our study shows that a large number of people lie in the process, and this in itself is off-putting. Among those that admitted they lie during online dating, the most popular things to lie about include their names, marital status, location and appearance — such as by showing fake photos.

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Either way, people faking it is one of the most hated aspects of online dating. So, why are people lying online? But other reasons vary from people trying to catch their partners cheating, to trying to make themselves look better, or simply lying for the fun of it. With online dating so prevalent, users are clearly giving strangers access to their lives, which could perhaps be why those who date online have concerns about their online safety.

Meanwhile, older age groups have slightly different concerns. The data suggests that men put themselves at risk more than women. In addition, around one-in-ten have had their device hacked, have had their data infected, shared, or become the victim of financial fraud.

However, the study also shows that people are not protecting themselves properly when they are dating online. So, there is an awareness and certain level of concern about the dangers involved in online dating. This just needs to translate into action. Digital devices act as a window to the rest of the world, including our relationships. This is even more the case where online dating is concerned.

online dating apps pros and cons

This form of striking up new relationships is entirely dependent on our digital platforms or smart devices. People are, because of online dating, literally carrying their dates around with them in their pockets.

While this comes with a large amount of convenience, it also comes with its own risks.

Dangerous Liaisons: is everyone doing it online?

Online dating, indeed, requires the exchange of a certain level of information which, if placed in the wrong hands, can be misused. They are also at heightened risk of experiencing an IT security-related problem such as having their data leaked or exposed in some way. Yet, they do little to protect themselves, with only one-in-three putting basic security measures in place such as using strong passwords or restraining themselves to sharing limited information about themselves online.

The boundary between online dating and the real world can very easily be blurred. Information about home addresses, once shared, can very quickly result in strangers turning up on doorsteps, personal information and sensitive photos can very easily turn into blackmail opportunities or put hacked accounts in the hands of cybercriminals. Far from advising people to reduce their online dating activities, we simply would like to advise online daters to exercise caution, just like they would in the physical world.

online dating apps pros and cons

If you chose to date online, be careful not to click on unknown links that could be malicious, and try to avoid using insecure Wi-Fi hotspots where data can be intercepted by cybercriminals. Furthermore, use protection in the form of a security solution and strong, hard-to-guess passwords, be savvy about how much data you give away and, importantly, look after the data you care about the most.

I thought finding dates in real life would be easy.

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In my 20s, I had plenty of random run-ins that turned into dates: But coming across singles in the wild is harder in your 30s. There were a few times I met someone at a party or bar, only to have my interest snuffed out by the flash of a wedding ring five minutes in or the mention of a girlfriend 20 minutes into a conversation. I had serious FOMO - fear of missing out.

online dating apps pros and cons

When I'd talk to friends about the people they were dating, and I asked where they met, the answer was often: Yet I was going on far fewer dates in three months, I went on exactly one date with someone I'd met in personlargely because I didn't have a big supply of singles from which to pull.

During this challenge, I spoke to comedians Laura Lane and Angela Spera, who compare online dating to a party where most singles within a kilometre radius are attending. No, you would not. Well, there is such a party happening on your phone and it's usually free to get in.

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Like any night in, some of them are restorative and some are boring. In my three months off the apps, I experienced both. When you only have real life to find other singles, it can shorten your attention span.

Without online dating, bars and parties became my Tinder. Which was great because I could immediately assess the chemistry with someone rather than going through days of electronic banter before meeting up. But I felt pressure to have as many conversations as possible, because I didn't have the internet to fall back on. One night that stands out in particular: I was at a bar with a few friends, chatting with a friend of a friend of a friend who was cute and seemingly single.

However, I was at a bar full of single people!

online dating apps pros and cons

I should be making the most of my time and talking to as many people as possible, right? So I left a perfectly good conversation prematurely to strike up a new conversation with someone else who caught my eye nearby.

Of course, a few minutes into this new encounter, I realised that the guy is married. And that's my wife right over there, he informed me. That's when I realised that the ability of apps to zap daters' attention spans can translate into real life as well. I may have deleted Tinder from my phone, but that bar was standing in for it. When the supply of singles seems artificially low, it can make you act a little crazy.