Nicholas hoult and april pearson dating

Here Is What The Generation One Skins Are Up To Now, 11 Years Later - Pretty 52

nicholas hoult and april pearson dating

Nicholas Hoult and April Pearson photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. Jan 25, April Pearson doesn't remember the Skins cast parties Richardson, Tony Stonem's "shaggable" girlfriend and Sid Jenkins' crush. Since then, some of the stars have gone on to huge success with Nicholas Hoult cracking. Jan 27, 'Skins' at 10 – actress April Pearson reveals what the teenage cast got up to off camera Hotel; while Nicholas Hoult has gone on to appear in Mad Max: Fury Road, Kill Your Friends and even date Jennifer Lawrence.

The proud owner of beautiful features, April Pearson is blessed with the kind of beauty she requires to sustain in this industry and has not go through knives too enhance her beauty in artificial way till now.

With her beautiful appearance doubled by curvaceous figure, blue-green eyes and attractive nose, she has been captivating every one heart around the globe since she her first appearance in the limelight.

Actively involved in acting from age 3, she today has become an accomplished actress of the English entertainment world. While spreading her magic in the small screen, she got chance to appear in big screen with her debut movie, Tormented in along with Larissa Wilson.

'Everyone was f***ing each other' Skins star April Pearson lifts lid on off-camera antics

The movie was well accepted by everyone including critics, gaining her wider recognition. She continued to work in Casualty in but this time just for one episode as Grace Fitch and in as Amy Godley in an episode. Reportedly her earning is rising along with her career; however her net worth has not been divulged by any internet sites. Alike everyone she as well loves to spend her spare time with her family and close friends.

As per her profession, performing in front of people gives her immense pleasure.

nicholas hoult and april pearson dating

Kind hearted April enjoys helping others and prefers to be part of social work as much as possible. This talented and trained actress entered the show business with promising future.

Here Is What The Generation One Skins Are Up To Now, 11 Years Later

In a very short of period, she has already garnered international attention and her fans are expecting more from this gifted performer. With her current ventures and upcoming ventures in horizons, she is all set to mesmerize the world with her distinctive acting skills. We saw the likes of Nicholas Hoult and Dev Patel grow up on our screens, and we grew up alongside them.

It has now been an incredible 11 year since the first series of the booze-filled, hormone-fuelled adolescent drama began and we feel super old, but what are the generation one cast up to now?

nicholas hoult and april pearson dating

Nicholas Hoult might have already been a familiar face on our screens from his days as a young troubled Marcus Brewerin About A Boy, however he went on to become a teenage heartthrob when he made his debut as the original bad boy of Skins, Tony Stonem. Tony was a key character across the first two series of the Channel 4 series, however his character was badly hurt in a traffic accident which forced his wild character to mellow in his final appearances on the show.

Nicholas Hoult and April Pearson - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Now aged 28, Nicholas' career has in no way come to a Hoult get it? First Class and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

nicholas hoult and april pearson dating

More recently Nicholas has starred in a number of independent films including The Current War, Rebel in the Rye and romantic drama Newness, all of which were released last year. PA Images Like his character, Nicholas has been pretty successful with the ladies, dating his former co-star Jennifer Lawrence between and Nicholas has been dating his girlfriend, Playboy model Bryana Holly, since March last year. E4 Of course wherever there was a Tony, there tended to be his geeky best mate, Sid Jenkins.

nicholas hoult and april pearson dating

Arguably one of the most loveable characters of generation one, Sid - played by Mike Bailey - was known for not just his friendship with Tony, but his love interest with Cassie too. Instagram Although Mike's acting career hasn't been quite as active as Nicholas', he did star in a British film in called We Are The Freaks, as well as Channel 4 drama Now, it is thought that Mike is putting his skills to good use by becoming a drama teacher in London.

April Pearson played the beautiful Michelle Richardson, who was affectionately nicknamed 'Nips' by her boyfriend, Tony.

nicholas hoult and april pearson dating