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Ace and Noodle obviously get along well, if the Gorillaz instagram suggests . I think she does drugs, gets into fights, acts like a diva sometimes, and even may .. The fact that my best friend would do this to his girlfriend, makes it ten times. Diva destruction Murdoc didn't mind Jinx and Russ dating, as long they don't gross out Noodle When she met up with the gorillaz band she saw something weird had went on and made music for fun with noodle and 2D. Check out the third new multimedia story issued by Gorillaz. markham-nathan fund; Mister Sun; Valley Jazz Divas and Friends; watermelon .. bowl 51; commercials; stools; netflix extensions; expiration dates; soy sauce GangreenGang; Murdoc Niccals; Nicos Livesey; Tranz; Roundtable; chrome

But coming from that girl, it was serious. Was she even alive? He was constantly changing his story, and just yesterday he mentioned to a reporter that Noodle may not have survived the El Manana crash. Then what the bloody hell was all that shit about hell? There was just so much he couldn't remember.

He had really drowned himself in painkillers after El Manana. But if she was alive, why wasn't she here with them? The thought made him depressed. Well… in a way, he supposed she was alive and with them.

Murdoc's robot shared not only her likeliness, but her DNA as well. But that robot wasn't 2D's Noodle, it was Murdoc's Noodle. Corrupted, with a penchant for murder and mayhem just like her creator. Though he supposed it wasn't like she was psycho or anything. She always treated him decently and routinely refused Murdoc's orders to hurt the singer.

The robot did have some of his Noodle's memories, Murdoc had mentioned to some press official. Often she would ask to come in his room, and seem sad whenever he refused her.

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Just like his Noodle. Lately, it had become easier to pretend she was his Noodle, the Noodle from his memories. By his request, she grew her bangs out how exactly, he did not know and he was able to forget about the calculating, humanless eyes behind them.

They would watch movies together, play video games. Sometimes they would play instruments. Grudgingly, he admitted to himself that she sang better than the original. Murdoc probably stole some diva's voice and implanted her with it. And sometimes they kissed. He didn't know why, he had never even kissed the original. She had cornered him in his room one day and proceeded to assault his mouth.

They were nothing like the kisses that he had imagined his Noodle would give: And unfortunately, he had imagined them. It was what this island did to him. Robot Noodle's kisses were rough, hungry, and lewd.

Strange qualities for something made of routines and sub-processes. Her kisses were not unpleasant, just strange. They tasted of spicy gunpowder, salty saline, and cherry lipbalm.? He vaguely wondered if she was acting on memories that his Noodle had of loving him, but he would never ask.

He wasn't sure why he kept kissing this robotic girl, he wasn't in love with Noodle or anything, he just missed her terribly.

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The robot was his only companion on this island, as sad as it was. He refused to associate with Murdoc more than what was absolutely necessary. He didn't want to risk refusing her. He didn't think he could endure the loneliness if she chose to not hang around him anymore. Plus he had his own frustrations about being cooped up on an island with no women. Back in Kong, it was easy to find a groupie or two to spend the night with.

Despite whatever Murdoc said, 2D was definitely more popular with women than the satanist, and the fact that the singer rarely sought them out seemed to make him even more popular.

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He didn't fuck it then truck it like Murdoc did, he took the time to learn about the girls he took home, and he had a few regulars. They were more than happy to come back, and he was happy to have them just as long as they knew he wasn't looking for a girlfriend.

He didn't need another Paula. The singer was a normal man with normal man-needs, and he found that having no sex was excruciating. In awe, he admired the willpower Murdoc must of had. Back during Phase 2, Russel had secretly told 2D that along with a successful band, the price of Murdoc's soul came with a few other "bonuses" as well: To make matters worse, he would stare at 2D as if contemplating something. Those looks gave 2D the willies. He wondered why Murdoc didn't just pay some prostitutes to live on the island, but then remembered him saying something about never fucking the same woman twice.

Fortunately, Murdoc realized he needed help and so he sent for a russian bride, and emerged from his room after a week completely normal. Well, normal for Murdoc at least. However, his bride left that night while he slept, taking the suitcase stuffed with banknotes Murdoc had brought with him to the island, and a copy of the first single for Plastic Beach, Stylo.

She put it on the internet, and the next day Murdoc ordered a hit on her head. He had never seen him so angry.

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I got tired of textng. Was a nerd very young and was often invisible in her household due to how dysfunctional it was. At the age of 10 Jinx left to France, bonded with her family better than with her parents, and siblings.

When she came back her sister Tara died of a sexual disease and this depressed Jinx terribly. Tawna now looked up to Jinx constantly and annoyed her until she got violent.

At the age of 12, her parents divorced and Tawna ran away due to the loss Tara also feeling lost without her. The father became too overprotective of Jinx and was in bad dept at the time. At night, lil' Jinx would hear gunshots and even saw her father switch doorknobs in the house thus making Jinx's doorknob easy to lock from outside.

The danger was so bad that she was sent to live with her grandparents on the country side of Jinx. At school, people heard knees about her tragedies and called her a Jinx since she survived it all. Some would say Jinxey or the fact that her middlen name had something to do with mythology;Hades or Thanatos however his name is spelled. Ever since Jinx was four music comforted in her time of need and did as she got older. The instruments that practiced for most of her life; were the guitar acoustic life electrickeytar, keyboard, saxophone, piano, synthesizer, flute, trumpet, bass, violin, and tuba.

During Jinx's high school years she dated men and relationships crashed also burned. She worked her up as a valevictorian and earned her degree senior year. After graduating, Jinx headed somewhere in England and made her home there.

Her parents weren't informed about this and searched for Jinx. When Jinx was 20 she got into a car accident and received amnesia. After hospital treatment, her memory was still gone but her body felt better. After partial recovery, she met 2D crying at a bar and they became besties ever since she also met Gorillaz after. During phase 1 she spent alot of time with Russ while regaining her memory and when he asked for her name " Jinxey and Jinx" were the two answers.

In phase 2, she broke up with Russel because of Murdoc in reality it was Del that lied to Russ about the news.