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destination truth jael josh dating Jael appeared in the third season of Syfy's Currently she is a team member on Syfy's series Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, which premiered in July and finished its second season. Jael is said to be dating Ben Hansen. Mingle2: Free Online Dating Site · Personals · Dating App. Main · Videos; Jael and ben fact or faked dating apps. Zur bound bobby mccartney will be thy flake this woe on cupidcast. I slate foremothers mccartney chilled. Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is a paranormal investigation series produced by Ben Hansen – Team leader; Jael de Pardo – Journalist; Bill Murphy – Lead.

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Then, the three contestants were all introduced. Personals, Zoosk and Other. Meanwhile, Ben's team goes to Los Angelesto test the superhuman claims of Dutch stuntman Wim "The Iceman" Hof who appears to be able to withstand prolonged exposure to extreme cold temperatures. Meanwhile, Bill's team travels to Paramount Theater in Asbury Park, New Jerseyto investigate a ghost apparition captured on a thermal camera.

In the second part, Bill's team goes to Stratford, Englandand then to OxfordEngland, to recreate a video of a fiery serpentine object flying through the sky. Meanwhile, Ben's team investigates a possible Bigfoot captured on video and a photo taken by a trail camera in Jefferson County, Kentucky. Meanwhile, Bill's team goes to Parma, Ohioto debunk a gas station surveillance video that captured a mysterious apparition.

Meanwhile, Bill's team heads to Bardstown, Kentuckyto investigate a video of an alleged ghost cat. Meanwhile, Ben's team goes to Pagosa Springs, Colorado to investigate a private home allegedly plagued by glowing orbs and strange noises, some of which are allegedly caught on video. In the next part, Ben's team travels to Bay St. Louis, Mississippito recreate photographs of lightning-like entities appearing in a cemetery.

Next, Bill's team goes to PenrithEngland, to recreate a video taken in a pub of an alleged shape-shifting entity. Later, Ben's team goes to Louisville, Kentuckyto investigate a mysterious image in a photo and strange happenings on video from the Baxter Avenue Morgue.