Films about introverts and dating

films about introverts and dating

I am an introvert, and these are some of the romantic movies I find great and why (in . This movie is about a teenage love and how some people always date. Here I made a list of movies for introverts, where the main characters are far less talkative, far more sensitive, withdrawn and sometimes even misfit. But the. I once read this book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a wish that my life would operate like a Sandra Bullock film and I could just wish.

The quiet guy is the toughest one. An epic movie about an exceptional character. It is worth seeing as a masterpiece of art about talent and a place of art in our society. This is a story about a real life person — 15th-century icon painter Andrey Rublev, who is a monk in a pravoslav monastery and contemplates about art a lot. The boy with no considerable talent becomes an important figure in the city while working on the bell.

Since he is a monk he is quite separated from the rest of society and after taking the vow of silence becomes separated even from the fellow monks in the monastery. Being quiet does not mean you must hide your talent.

films about introverts and dating

This a strange surreal comedy shot in black and white. It tells a story about a beer company which arranges a contest of the saddest music in the world during the years of the great depression in order to increase sales.

This is a movie of music, irony, and sadness. All his songs come deep from his heart. He is sad because his only son has died and he lost his wife Narcissa.

Movies to Inspire Introverts

However, Narcissa himself has forgotten her past and is engaged with Chester for whom this sadness thing is just a showbiz. Le Grand Bleu, director: Luc Besson second time! A movie of stunning beauty telling a story about two free divers, their friendship, and competition. The views of the sea and other natural places are breathtaking, but even more breathtaking is the love story between one of the divers and a woman.

Jacques Mayol played by Jean-Marc Barr is a very quiet diver.

20 Great Movies That Introverts Will Absolutely Love

He is so obsessed with diving that it has become his all life. Seems like his mind is as deep as the depths of the sea. However, his friend Enzo Molinari has the opposite character and does not shut up for the whole movie except when he is diving. Jacques meets a woman called Johana and falls in love with her, but seems that he loves the sea much more.

More talented, more skillful and quieter. Extroverted Enzo Molinari was played by Jean Reno — the actor who played introvert in the movie no 6. Denmark and others countries, title in Danish: This movie can be described as musical because many scenes suddenly become musical performances, they are tied into the plot as fantasies of the main character.

The main feature of her is a habit of drifting into the world of imagination. Since she is almost blind, the world of sound means a lot to her and reality often becomes a stage for a musical performance as she is daydreaming. She dedicated her life to prevent her son from getting blind.

Despite being in disadvantage herself she did not give up her main goal until the end of the movie. What are you fighting for? A science fiction movie about a spaceship crew member who works on a ship carrying last living samples of a forest. He likes spending time alone surrounded by nature at the times when nature is already extinct. Most of the movie he is the only living person in the whole spaceship and seems that he finds that quite comfortable, however, he compensates human interaction by playing cards with robots.

films about introverts and dating

I find this character quite controversial because he killed other crew members. Can you defend your beliefs too? The list would be incomplete without this strange movie. He was found, taught to speak, write and behave, he was accepted by the society and even became a celebrity, his unique story attracted much interest from the general public and nobility.

The movie tells the story of social integration and reveals how strange our society might seem for the one who is introduced to it at once. Later, after he was taught to speak, write, draw, play music and become famous he was asked does he like his new life more than previous. The guy experienced the ultimate solitude and seems like he enjoyed it more than the fame and society.

A warm movie about a man who is imprisoned and condemned to death for a crime he did not commit.

15 quietly inspiring movies for introverts | introvert inspiration

Slowly his magic powers of curing people are revealed to the guards of the prison. They become friends even though guards must execute him later.

films about introverts and dating

He is extremely tall and massive giant, but very gentle in his heart. He found two dead girls and unsuccessfully tried to resurrect them, but because of his massive appearance, he was quickly sentenced as a killer. However, the world seems too cruel for him so he actually wants to die. The quiet guy has the magical power and the kindest heart. I guess you have seen this movie.

Neo played by Keanu Reeves is definitely an introvert. Curious, thinking before doing, doubting, questioning — all these qualities do not prevent him from being a hero in an action movie. Le Dernier Combat, director: Luc Besson 3rd time here. The film is about the lives of three bright and gifted Tenenbaum siblings who were overachievers, who experienced success during their childhoods, and ended up with failures and misfortunes after their arrogant and selfish father, Royal, left the family.

5 Romantic Movie Moments Introverts Will Love - Introvert Spring

Following the plot, the Tenenbaum siblings were distant from society. They were busy and would isolate themselves in their home, practicing and working in the fields of their individual expertises. They never experienced the childhood that normal people would experience, because of the fame and success they had. They never had decent social interactions and had their own personal places for work. The film then shows the effects of this childhood lifestyle as they grow up, when they need to live independently.

Max suffers from cluster headaches, social anxiety disorder, and paranoia that distances him from everyone living in his neighborhood.

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Without the use of special effects, extravagant sets, big name studios, or A-list actors, it was simply driven and completed with its powerful and thrilling plot, with a screenplay and elements that made it special. The way the film was written, edited, and shot gives it a claustrophobic and anxious feeling.

The black-and-white cinematography, jargon, lighting, and music, as the film goes on, feels foreign and makes whatever the character feels translate and even affect the viewers as well. It is about a deaf-mute teenager, Dot, who was adopted by a strange family following the death of her father.

The family seemed normal at first, until she discovered disturbing dark secrets and issues kept within the family, as well as the family discovering her own secrets. Now an orphan, Dot does not feel like she belongs to the family because of the hindrance of her disability. The distressing subjects of the film are difficult to watch.

As the main character tries to adjust and adapt to her newfound family, the viewers also have that alienated feeling, wanting to know more and somehow blend in with the family, but also realizing that trying to adapt and grow used to living with people you are not familiar with are not easy processes. As a mute, Dot can be seen as uncomfortable, troubled and out of place with the people she now interacts with without having to express them with words.

Despite of the sensitive issues being shown, The Quiet also shows that silence, at times, could be a powerful way of communication.

films about introverts and dating