Fab life cast pregnant and dating

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fab life cast pregnant and dating

Whitney settles into the grave reality of being pregnant at lbs., and now Whitney dives back into online dating, but a new type of suitor raises ample concern. Whitney and cast look back on the most outrageous moments of the season. Whitney is back in a new season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life. My Big Fat Fabulous Life. Unexpected Pregnancy. i. TLC. Whitney is back for new episodes of. Feb 1, The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star revealed she's pregnant to her mom, Barbara Thore started asking her if she was dating her friend, Donna.

But bringing in cutthroat choreographer Jenzi to help with the class' routine proves disastrous when she gives Whitney a dark ultimatum. Will poses a new challenge for Buddy.

Big Girl Dance Battle It's time to battle! Whitney's Big Girls gear up for the most intense performance of their lives. Whitney Gets a Date Whitney dives back into online dating, but a new type of suitor raises ample concern. Whitney and Buddy gear up for a fitness competition, but when they arrive Will drops a bomb.

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Meanwhile, Whitney comes upon the scorecards from the dance battle. Belly Up Whitney attends a belly dancing class with a judge from the dance battle, but when a harmless lesson turns into a public performance with a sword, panic sets in. Online date Nathan divulges information that throws Whitney's world into a tailspin.

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But when she accepts an offer to be in a music video the following day, Todd goes into an angry tirade and abandons her in Central Park. Toe to Toe With the dance battle rematch looming, Whitney's friends attempt to repair her relationship with Todd, but an untimely injury leads to an even bigger problem.

Whitney learns that Babs has been rushed to the emergency room. Whitney Steps Up In the wake of Babs' stroke, the family struggles to hold it together. Whitney offers to help with Babs' recovery, but when she receives an unexpected offer, she must choose between her family and her dance career.

fab life cast pregnant and dating

Well there's a reason for that: It's not his real name. It's not exactly known why he was using an alias, though it's easy to assume that he didn't want TLC-- and therefore, Whitney herself-- finding out what dark secrets lurked in "Nathaniel's" past.

Well, it turns out that it wasn't just past incidents but two active warrants that were out for him at the time that he was on the show. InLennie was arrested for DWI and was three times over the legal limit.

As if that weren't bad enough, he violently resisted arrest-- including after he was already handcuffed-- and was accused of repeatedly "spitting on police equipment" during the incident. Innot long before appearing on the show and dating Whitney, two warrants were put out against Lennie for making violent threats against two people.

fab life cast pregnant and dating

So, just as she was entering her teen years, Whitney developed her first eating disorder. Sharing the nitty gritty details of her struggle, she writes, "I grew to crave the hollow feeling of an empty stomach, the red rawness of my throat, and the acidic taste afterward.

The two have a tense exchange, which of course is ultimately framed as Whitney putting Kerryn in her place.

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Well, according to Kerryn, producers planned it that way. During a Reddit AMA, Kerryn fielded questions about her time on the show and claims that Whitney didn't just happen to show up to see her set, but instead that she was specifically asked to be on the show-- and to eventually have it out with Whitney over her act.

Kerryn of course agreed, because it meant exposure on a popular TV show, and the comedian proudly wears the event and the controversy it stirs on her sleeve as she proclaims herself a "fat-shaming comedian" on her Twitter account.

fab life cast pregnant and dating

Featured Today 8 Whitney's picture was wrongly used in a clickbait ad Anyone who has spent any amount of time on the internet in the past five years has seen those ads for articles that promise to shock you with what celebrities are worth, which ones are dead that you didn't know about, and what a celeb looks like after they've lost a lot of weight.

She's Too Skinny Now! Because of the latter, it's necessary to glance through email spam folders before they are cleared out, just in case legitimate correspondence found its way in there.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

But, again, disaster reared its ugly head. This time, Whitney found out that boyfriend Avi Lang wasn't just dating another woman, but was actively planning a wedding with her while dating Whitney-- which led Whitney to conclude that it was her who was the "side chick. The doctor disputes Whitney's claims that her excessive weight gain is at least partially due to polycystic ovarian syndrome and says instead that it's because of "plain old gluttony. In addition to the many harmful side effects of bulimia, one in particular helped to convince Whitney to finally give up the dangerous practice.