Difference between sword art online and offline dating

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difference between sword art online and offline dating

for season 1, each of which had one episode of Sword Art Offline on it. would watch a given "Offline" episode after watching all the "Online". Difference between sword art online and offline dating. In the near future, a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) called Sword Art Online has been released where players .

Kirito and Yui discover she is pointing towards Touto Technical University. Kirito goes to the school and meets Professor Tetsuhiro Shigemura who developed Augma, but Shigemura refuses to answer any questions. Before leaving, Kirito notices on Shigemura's desk a picture of a girl who resembles Yuna.

Visiting Asuna's home, Kirito promises Asuna to get her memories back. Kirito encounters the hooded girl again, revealed to be Yuna. When she tells him his rank is too low, Kirito decides to level up, solo-killing as many bosses as he can with aid from Sinon and Leafa.

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Days later, the OS players gather at a stadium for Yuna's concert. In the lower levels, Kirito duels with Eiji who claims he has a way to return Asuna's memories. Kirito wins but Eiji reveals that Shigemura has been harvesting memories of SAO players in an attempt to reconstruct his lost daughter's soul and download her as an AI; having all players in the concert would make removing memories easier.

Eiji adds that the drones used for harvesting possess enough power to damage the players' brains, killing them like the NerveGear did in SAO.

difference between sword art online and offline dating

As a horde of Aincrad bosses raid the arena, Kirito and Yuna join the battle. Yuna tells Kirito that the Augma has a hidden full-dive feature and he can use it to defeat SAO's th floor boss to end the battle.

Before diving, Kirito gives Asuna an engagement ring. Yui restores their saved abilities from SAO, allowing everyone to defeat the boss. The voice of Akihiko Kayaba congratulates them on their victory and gives Kirito an extremely powerful sword as a reward.

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The group returns to the arena still in full-dive where Kirito, now OS's top-ranked player, dispatches the bosses with his new sword as Kikuoka finds Shigemura in the server room of Argus the defunct company that ran SAO and arrests him.

The hooded Yuna restores the survivors' memories and fades out of existence since she was coded from the Floor boss. Just as the man retrieved the item, he was confronted by Eiji.

As Eiji was emanating hostility towards him, the man drew his sword in preparation for a fight. After Kirito mentioned that YUNA had come to sing at the battlefield and Klein complained about not being able to get a ticket for YUNA's live concert, Agil and Sinon revealed that they had both won a pair of tickets for it. As neither Klein nor Leafa had any tickets, Agil and Sinon offered their spares; however, at that moment, Leafa dejectedly remembered about having a kendo training camp at the time of the concert.

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The following evening on April 25, while browsing for a gift in her bath, Asuna received an invitation from Ryoutarou to join them for a boss battle near her home. However, when Asuna arrived at the venue minutes later, she learnt that one of the members of Fuurinkazan had become unreachable, thus she proceeded to the battlefield alone while the guild decided to remain outside to wait for him.

As the battle with the boss and an impromptu YUNA concert began, another boss suddenly spawned near the members of Fuurinkazan. Although the guild was faring well against the boss, they were suddenly assaulted by Eiji, who disabled all of Ryoutarou's guildmates with martial arts.

At that moment, Ryoutarou unequipped his Augma and attempted to punch him, but this resulted in his arm being caught and broken by Eiji. After putting Ryoutarou's Augma on him again, Eiji offered the injured man to the boss while holding him by the neck, thus allowing the boss to defeat him. In the morning of April 26, while waiting at the venue of the previous boss fight for Asuna to arrive for their date, Kazuto was convinced by Yui to train for upcoming Ordinal Scale battles.

While practising, he suddenly noticed a hooded girl right next to him. The girl pointed in a specific direction, murmuring something inaudible before disappearing. Based on the hooded girl's mouth movements, Yui interpreted the inaudible voice to have been a request to search a specific place.

difference between sword art online and offline dating

At that moment, Asuna arrived at the scene, thus the trio headed to a nearby restaurant, where Asuna shared her suspicion that Eiji could have been Nautilus, a lower-ranking member of the Knights of the Blood in Sword Art Online. In the middle of their conversation, Yui suddenly interrupted, informing them that she had discovered something. Having gathered the majority of the group at the log house, Yui reported her finding that the spawn points of the old Aincrad bosses in the city aligned with the positions of their boss rooms in Aincrad, thus enabling them to predict that the next spawn point would be Yebisu Garden Palace.

Asuna, Lisbeth, and Silica showed interest in joining the next boss battle; on the other hand, Sinon had to work at her part-time job at the time, while Kirito showed no interest in participating. During the battle, Asuna noticed that Eiji was present at the battlefield, thus she approached him to confirm whether he was Nautilus. In response, Eiji requested her to stop using that name, showing her that he was currently known as Eiji.

When less than three minutes remained till the end of the battle, a dragon similar to Pina appeared on the battlefield. Thinking that Pina had come to help, Silica approached the monster; however, to her surprise the dragon suddenly transformed into Dorz'l the Chaos Drake, the boss of Aincrad's 91st Floor, and began pursuing her. Fleeing the boss's attacks, Silica accidentally collided with Eiji, who pushed her back.

Collapsed, Silica was about to be struck by the dragon, when Asuna suddenly shielded her from the attack. Thus, instead of hitting Silica, the dragon slashed Asuna, depleting all of her hit points and causing her to collapse the moment a yellow sphere was launched from her Augma. Having witnessed the incident, Kirito rushed to Asuna and attempted to confront Eiji in rage; however, in a split second, Eiji entered close range, pointing his sword at Kirito's throat. Moments later, the dragon interrupted their conflict just as the battle timer struck zero, causing both bosses to leave the battlefield.

Woken by a nightmare at around There, she revealed that she had been losing memories of her time in SAO, causing Kazuto to become worried. Having examined Asuna's brain with the Medicuboidthe doctor revealed that he had found evidence of a scan targeting specific memories to have been performed on her brain, resulting in the loss of her SAO memories. Kurahashi also informed them that similar incidents had occurred to other people, all of whom were SAO Survivors who were playing Ordinal Scale.

In the evening, Kazuto came to the site of the next Ordinal Scale battle, where Yui promised to look for leads for the memory loss incident during the fight.

difference between sword art online and offline dating

At that moment, the two were joined by Asada Shino Sinonwho had decided to help Kazuto in the battle, arguing that there was no risk of her memories being scanned due to not being a former SAO player. Moments later, the Ordinal Scale event began; however, the monster that appeared was The Dire Tusk, the boss of the 18th Floor of Aincrad, rather than the expected 13th Floor boss. As Kirito expressed surprise at this change, Yui reported that several bosses had appeared in various areas of the city simultaneously, while their positions were shuffled.

At that moment, the timer began ticking and the boss attempted to assault the players, but its attack was stopped by a chain binding it to a wall. Just as some players were about to reach the boss, the boar managed to extract the chain from the wall and hit an SAO Survivor with it, depleting the players hit points to zero and causing the brain scan to engage.

Noticing a piece of data being launched from the player's Augma, Yui followed it to find its destination but her attempt was blocked by a barrier midway.

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Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Kirito recklessly attempted to defeat the boss himself but was forced into defence when the boss began chaining attacks with its chains.

At that moment, Sinon sniped the chain and then the boss itself, allowing Kirito to deal the final blow. In the aftermath of the battle, Kirito noticed the hooded girl again, but by the time he reached her, the girl disappeared, pointing at some location in the distance. While getting a drink from a nearby vending machine in disappointment, Kazuto suddenly recalled that the girl had asked him to search the place she pointed at during their first meeting.

Upon asking Yui to analyze this, he discovered that the location the girl pointed at was the Touto Institute of Technology, where the developer of the Augma, Professor Shigemura Tetsuhiroworked.

The following day, Kazuto participated in a lecture by Professor Shigemura on the advantages of Augmented Reality as compared to Virtual Reality. At the end of the lecture, Kazuto asked for Professor Shigemura's opinion on the potential dangers of Augmented Reality, prompting the professor to conclude the lecture. The two continued the conversation in the professor's office, where Kazuto questioned him about Eiji, and the Augma's ability to scan and damage the user's brain.

Implying that such a scan was impossible, the professor questioned what issue was there with people losing their memories of SAO, presuming that the survivors wished to forget them. After noting the presence of various parts in the room at the end of the conversation, Kazuto noticed a photo of a girl on the professor's desk just as he was leaving the room.

Outside, Kazuto called Kikuoka Seijirou to enquire about the girl, and thus discovered that the professor had a daughter named Shigemura Yuuna, who had lost her life to the SAO Incident. After the conversation with Seijirou, Kazuto received a call from Asuna, with whom he then arranged a visit at her house, as it was relatively close to the institute.

In Asuna's room, Kazuto accidentally came across her diary while she was preparing some tea. By reading the last entry, he learnt the extent to which the memory loss incident had affected Asuna. When the girl returned to the room, Kazuto, overwhelmed by emotion, embraced her, the momentum causing them to fall onto the bed.

After confessing their love for each other, leading to an intimate kiss, Kazuto promised to retrieve Asuna's memories for her.