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Popular Song Index (Commercial Sheet Music) Complete Catalog. All titles have been digitized. Dated songs through as well as select no-date titles. Date: Author: exorsyn matt and kim daylight piano sheet music Matt and Kim - Daylight Tablatura de Teclado / Piano, Acordes by. Voice, Guitar and Piano Sheet Music. Artists Index Musicnotes Digital Sheet Music .. Barnes, Matt . I Got a Date Prayin' for Daylight . Bontrager, Kim.

Melodic guitar work draped over rumbling drums make me love this album more and more each time I listen. Lots of heavy distortion set alongside no-nonsense lyrics with a punk twinge.

What more could you ask for? These guys get to the point with a Russian Circles vibe all their own.

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Rustic psych-folk that is simultaneously haunting and comforting, Songs of Shame is like your favorite worn t-shirt, tattered and stained, a bit old, but fits perfectly. The beautiful front woman of Camera Obscura sings with such a precious lilt that I think she could turn even the most staunch metalhead with her disarmingly pure delivery. A timeless indie pop jewel. Mainly, they are both broke as a joke.

Rap fans are still waiting on a slew of heavyweight albums to be released; Big Boi, Jay ElectronicaSaigon, where art thou? Go ahead and add Freddie Gibbs to that list. What a breath of fresh air. The most refreshing thing about this album is that, coming from England, it is entirely devoid of what much of American hardcore has become: These guys are welcoming the apocalypse with open arms and with plenty of gang vocals to invite the rest of us to join with them.

His compositions are extremely intricate, relying on bouncing, buzzy layers of noise and happiness over nonsensical lyrics that somehow manage to resonate. Too noisy for some? Daniel Dumile was fated to rap. Perhaps the best way to describe their lovable but not over-the-top indie pop is more comparisons. Think Fleet Foxes, but instead of singing about trees and snow, this band takes heartbreak and despair and turns it into beautiful music.

Listen to Hospice over a glass of red wine and hold back your tears. This might the tightest collection of restrained and beautiful pop songs released all year. Yoni Wolf does a wonderful job of making all of our inner thoughts and obsessions seem completely natural.

They know they are good and they take their talent and run with it. The fans, like me, just sit around and wait for the next thing to obsess over. Metric is always somewhat dark, but this one takes it further.

Sing-along music straight outta the mouth of the hottest front-chick around. Although the project is creepy, weird and scary, it is somehow still gets you tapping your pencil and swaying side to side. This one was mind-opening, mind-bending, mind-altering! How does Andersson pull this kind of thing off? Who knows, but we all loved it like a fat kid loves cake. The musicianship on this album is the best seen from these guys yet.

Believing that the woman has left without paying the bill, she angrily crumples and throws the woman's comic book into a bin. This makes the hero's two opposing racers reappear, armed with a large pipe wrench. The racers smash the looking glass with the pipe wrench, trapping the woman in the comic book. The hero punches one of the thugs and retreats with the woman into a maze of paper.

Daylight Fading

Arriving at a dead end, he tears a hole in the paper wall so that the woman can escape as the menacing opposing racers close in on him. The woman, now back in the real world and found lying beside the bin to the surprise of restaurant guests and staff, retrieves the comic from the bin and runs home, where she attempts to smooth out the creases to learn what happens next.

The next panel shows the hero lying seemingly lifeless, and the woman begins to cry. But he wakes up and tries to break out of his comic-book frames. At the same time, his image appears in the woman's hallway, seemingly torn between real and comic form, hurling himself repeatedly left-and-right against the walls as he attempts to shatter his two-dimensional barrier.

This scene is largely patterned after a climactic scene in the film Altered States. Smiling, the woman runs towards him and he embraces her. The video story is effectively concluded in the intro sequence of its successor, " The Sun Always Shines on T. The video has been subject to various parodies.

In the United States, Warner Bros. The new video was released to dance clubs and television a month before the record was available in stores or played on the radio. Formats and track listings[ edit ] 7":