Danish men and dating

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danish men and dating

Danish men, in general tend to be more effeminate than men from other countries . That means they are taught from a young age to not fight, and to be courteous. Dating in modern Danish society can be very tricky. Not only for Can Danish men be gentlemen; do they expect you to make the first move? Will they want sex . But this lack of a Danish dating structure frustrating for foreigners. what they want in a man – so good that some Danish men have gotten a.

Just a bit of safe sex?

danish men and dating

Or something completely different? It is your call. Nevertheless, the Danish women nowadays will need to be approached in a slightly different way.

And even though she is no longer surrounded by Vikings, she can still be dangerous. Danish men, on the other hand, have long ago exchanged their battleaxe for the computer and sometimes the apron, since cooking and especially eating and drinking is an important tradition in Denmark. The Danish men no longer burn and pillage the nunneries, and they equally share the burden of housework and taking care of their children.

Danish Men

Join us for a powerful and humorous lecture on how to date in Denmark seen from a male and female perspective. Feel free to send any questions or enquiries in advance to: Your contact will be handled with full discretion and privacy, questions covered in the lecture will also be anonymous.

Welcome to the Danish dating game! Presenting the two speakers: Bastian Larsen I am a year-old living in the centre of Copenhagen with my family. I work as a couples counsellor and sexual therapist, and have been a journalist and photographer for over 20 years.

danish men and dating

I have worked in several different media houses with everything from hard news and television to magazines and baking recipes. Over the years I have specialised in relationship problems and communication between the sexes, dating problems and human sexuality. I have covered the subject extensively, both from mainstream and subculture angles. I am a trained couples counsellor and sexual therapist. I work in a private clinic and teach therapists in training. I also offer courses and lectures in the challenges of modern relationships and sexuality.

danish men and dating

My soon to be translated to english homepage is: I have a son of 19 who lives in his own flat in Silkeborg. I must admit though that if our relationship did not work, I was ready to raise my arms up and say goodbye to dating altogether. In fact, it is a little bit harder because apart from the risks involved, it took a lot of work to communicate with someone on a different time zone. It took a great deal of adjustment and it ate a good chunk of our time.

To cut the long story short, my online match booked his plane ticket from CPH to MNL after only two weeks of talking to each other and I brought a friend with me on our first date. We knew that as soon as we decided to get marriedour lives will never be the same again.

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Our lives just became more interesting, more challenging, more fulfilling. My husband works as a seafarer and I had a corporate job in the Philippines. See, marriage is no joke and really and truly life-changing. Neither my husband nor I gave up our careers.

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My husband decided that since he is not always home in Denmark and that he would be sailing for months at once, the best decision was for us to build our family in the Philippines and travel as often as our finances permit to Denmark. In retrospect, I think we made the right decision.

Four years into our marriage and we both still feel like we just got married yesterday. We even have an insider joke that we will forever be on a honeymoon stage until he retires from his job. Long distance relationship works. Yes, it does and distance is what keeps our love burning. We always look forward to seeing each other again and we use the time apart to enrich ourselves by pursuing our individual interests which in turn makes us feel more complete.

Being away from each other also sharpens our communication skills because we aim to communicate effectively from afar to avoid any petty misunderstanding.

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Distance allows us to appreciate each other more. I remember watching Sex and The City about how guilty Carrie felt when she asked for two days from Mr. Big so she can write her article for Vogue Magazine but later realized that the time they spent apart allowed her to think and be more productive and seeing her husband again made her love him that much more.

Appreciate the Danish cuisine.

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And of course, he loves potatoes and I am having a hard time breaking up with rice. But I always remind myself that I specifically included to learn how to cook Danish food in my wedding vows so I have to love the food he grew up loving because it is the only way for me to be able to cook authentic Danish food. The Danes have so much pride in their cuisine and so I beam with so much joy when my husband appreciates the food I serve him.

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I believe that with conviction! No mobile phones at the dining table. My husband sent me an e-mail telling me that he would want us to do away with our phones on the dining table when eating. He wants us to enjoy our food and be able to talk and be physically and mentally available. He wants us to be able to connect and he wants us to show our little daughter appropriate table manners. I find it endearing that he had to tell it to me via e-mail. Explore the world through travel. Travel expenses take a huge chunk of our budget.

We see to it that we travel to Denmark and other neighbouring countries at least once a year. Traveling allowed me to immerse myself deeper in the European culture.

See travel is an important part of a Danish family and so we do it.