Da brat and trina dating

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da brat and trina dating

And Missy Elliot and Trina's photos together but I guess its still too taboo for a But it was actually the pretty one, Keisha, who was dating Da Brat in the 90's. So does Shawntae Harris aka Da Brat. American rapper Da Brat has never opened up about her sexual orientation but has been found dating. Shawntae Harris (born April 14, ), better known by her stage name Da Brat, is an American rapper and actress from Lakeland, Florida. Beginning her career .

Kirk Frost Paid Da Brat $2,000 To Date Him Back In the Day

The album was not well received compared to Brat's earlier work. However, the new album and new millennium did inspire an image makeover for Da Brat. Abandoning her " gangsta " persona, she decided to follow the trend in popular music and attempted to add to her sex appeal.

Da Brat also appeared as Louise in Carey's movie Glitter.

Kirk Frost Dated Da Brat | HelloBeautiful

The song peaked at No. She also co-wrote a song with Carey called "O. Following her release from prison, she launched a web series about life after the experience titled "Brat Chronicles: In Transition" on YouTube.

Legal troubles and prison sentence[ edit ] InDa Brat plead guilty to misdemeanor reckless conduct after she had battered a woman with a rum bottle during a dispute over VIP seating in an Atlanta nightclub in The victim in that incident received six stitches for a head wound.

Awesome Rapper Da Brat: Partying With Her Girlfriend in Club, Lesbian or Bisexual? Boyfriend Issues

Da Brat initially argued with a hostess, and when the hostess walked away to talk to her manager, Da Brat attacked her from behind, striking her in the face with a rum bottle.

The waitress was rushed to an area hospital, and police arrested Da Brat and sent her to jail. In court, Da Brat entered a guilty plea to aggravated assault charges.

She always looked very out-of-place with Kirk being so much older KcoolMuziq Its hard to believe she felt like a ugly duckling when she was younger. She said she used to be very shy and wouldn't even look anyone in the eyes.

da brat and trina dating

Even when she met Tupac before she became famous another man in the industry after her. Tr No, she not!! Rasheeda is around Check out her photos beforehand. BrownSuga I did not know Kirk was 48 and Rasheeda Kirk old ass need to grow up. Rasheeda please leave him.

I think you have endured enough.

Awesome Rapper Da Brat: Partying With Her Girlfriend in Club, Lesbian or Bisexual? Boyfriend Issues

Moon Lee Great point, but why kiss n tell now??? My guessthe little whore snuck out! Cree Wait a min I hope she leave him.

da brat and trina dating

Fatty Exactly like i said he been a hoe been feeding her lies she always says they been together since high school never knew he was that much older than her so that means he been feeding her bs been having kids and she forgives every time teka nicole He's not calling her "kilo Kandi" he just forgot to use commas. He was naming artists from ATL that were out in the late 80's and 90's.

I'm also from ATL. Nessa Kirk looks like Squidward to me teka nicole I'm 42yrs old, from ATL and always have been a rap fan,especially crunk music back in the day.