Are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

Are soumya seth and shaheer sheikh dating | Odessance

are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

LoveStruck!Telly Ville's Navya aka Saumya Seth gets engaged! Woah! Shaheer Sheikh and his Indonesian girlfriend are no more together!. Soumya Seth talks about the show ending, good times on the sets of Dil Ki Nazar Se Khoobsurat, her equation with Aaradhya, on the other hand, doesn't have any connection with work per se. Are you still in touch with your co-star from Navya - Shaheer Sheikh aka Anant? No, I am not dating anyone. Shaheer Sheikh and Soumya Seth lived the roles of Anant and Navya to taken any other show till date she says, “I think I am still in the Navya.

So will it be a love or an arranged marriage for you, whenever it happens?

are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

What does your family think about your show Khoobsurat? It was a very emotional moment for me.

are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

Does your cousin Ragini Khanna give you any advice? Ragini is like my mentor and my support in the family. She always stands up for me. Actually, during my show Navya, there was a moment when I was this sugary sweet, shy, cute and always right kinda person; in real life also I am very similar. Suddenly I felt that my life is becoming very monotonous. I felt like playing something wild, or a negative character, but I soon snapped out of it.

However, I am always open to new ideas and roles. What do you think about exposing on TV?

are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

Would you ever do it? Plus, I am not exactly gung ho about showing my bare body on TV. Do you think TV has become regressive? Navya, The Serial and Khoobsurat — pick your favourite show… It is impossible to pick one. I could never do that. Khoobsurat is set to end soon and there is gossip circulating in the media about a one month extension. I got this news from other reporters and my actor friends from the industry.

The only thing I know is that the show is not doing well and is on the rocks currently. However, if we do manage to improve our figures, Khoobsurat is not going anywhere.

Is love in the air for Shaheer Sheikh?

Why do you think the show is not garnering enough TRPs? Frankly, if we could pinpoint the exact reason, we would have worked on it. But based on the research done by Shashi and Sumeet Productions and the channel, we have constantly been changing our track to the preference of the audience.

Ideally, I do not think I am the right person to comment on this. Now we are trying something new and attempting to shock the audience - maybe that will work.

are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

How has your journey been so far? Frankly, Aaradhya is a very different role from my first show, Navya.

Soumya Seth would love to survive on a chocolate diet!

I am okay doing it, but am not exactly happy. The initial story was about a girl who had so many layers.

Shaheer Sheikh & Soumya Seth Interview - Telly Tadka

She may have looked fake, but she also had heart. She was stylish and saw the world differently. Rest of her family members reside in Amritsar, Punjab. She had no plans of choosing acting as her career option but her mother was keen on seeing her as actress.

Soumya Seth: My relationship with Aaradhya has gone a little haywire! -

Thereby she casually auditioned for the show Navya…Naye Dhadkan Nayye Sawaal and got selected for the lead role Navya without much struggle and therefore considers herself to be lucky enough. The 24 year girl is rumored to be more than just friends with her Navya…Naye Dhadkan Nayye Sawaal co —star Shaheer Sheikh who played the role of Anant in the daily soap.

But she claims to be single. She declares all of it to be rubbish and says that she only shares a friendly relationship with him and also takes advice from him regarding important decisions as he has got many positive qualities and gives ready — to — go solutions. Sources could not get in touch with Shaheer to get his side of story as he remained busy shooting. Soumya Seth Debut Show: The pretty starlet entered the television industry with Swastik Pictures Navya…Naye Dhadkan Nayye Sawaal wherein she played the role of the female protagonist, Navya.

In this television series, she portrayed the role of a simple and sweet next door girl, who is deeply attached to her family. She plays a shy college going girl and then meets the love of her life, Anant played by heartthrob Shaheer Sheikhwho portrays the character of a cool and dashing guy, who is modern and yet is bound by traditions. He has got a modern approach to life but still respects the concept of arranged marriage and joint family.

He proposes to Navya and then they get into a relationship. But when their respective family members come to know about their affair, they get angry initially. However, the love story ends on a positive note and they are shown to marry each other.

are shaheer sheikh and soumya seth dating each other

But it went off air very soon owing to the change in concept of the show which started as a youth show but took a turn towards being a family drama.