Are aldis hodge and beth riesgraf dating in real life

Who is Beth Riesgraf dating? Beth Riesgraf boyfriend, husband

are aldis hodge and beth riesgraf dating in real life

I told my mom that if I find myself a Hardison in real life, he will be her son-in-law. I know he knew their names, but that's different than knowing they are dating. .. If you want to find it, just type Aldis Hodge and Beth Riesgraf, it should pull up . Beth Riesgraf is an American actress best known for her role as Parker in TNT' Leverage. Read on for some interesting facts about Beth, her career, and personal life. Read Also: Aldis Hodge Bio, Married, Wife, Brother, Net Worth, Girlfriend Beth, on the other hand, began dating Irish actor Alan Smyth in Beth Riesgraf stars as Parker on `Leverage. quarterbacks the con, Hardison ( Aldis Hodge) checks the tech, Parker (Beth Riesgraf) "acquires".

But, in those situations, Nate would rather just be somewhere else, but around a lot of people. Season 3 has been leading up to the encounter with your big bad, Damien Moreau.

What else can you say about the season finale? What are some of the things viewers might be learning about the characters and their relationships? For one of the five of us, it is revealed that there are a few secrets and a few associations that are rather disturbing. And, the adult Parker sometimes becomes four years old in just a split second, which wonderfully makes an appearance in the holiday episode.

Those are just a few things. The show sometimes goes into flashback mode and we learn, in a little snippet, what Hardison was like, what Sophie was like, and what Eliot, Parker and Nathan were like. How did you guys like working with a season-long sub-plot this year, with the Damien Moreau story?

In keeping the stakes high, the team has to be on their toes. That gave us all something. Beth, after a few years now of playing a thief and picking pockets, and having received guidance from experts, how adept have you gotten at that? Actually, we go one right after the next, so I focus on any tricks or moves that I have to do for that show.

In practically every episode, Parker is dangling from some high place, or scaling the side of a building, or doing a daredevil jump. How much of the physical acting do you get to do? I would say running on top of a moving train is one of them.

And then, the other one would be the pilot when I hung upside down in Chicago, on a story building. My background is in dance.

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I was actually really uncoordinated as a child, when it came to dance, but I did play a lot of sports and I do some break-dancing from time-to-time.

I played tennis and softball, and we had horses, growing up. I was really active, as a kid. I was outdoors constantly. Growing up in Minnesota, I had a lot of freedom to run around, and we had go-carts and four-wheelers, and all that stuff.

I like that adrenalin-rush stuff. I did a little bit of dance, but mostly sports. Beth, your character seems to be unaware of her beauty.

How do you figure out how to play that, when you have all these emotional things going on? But, her mind is like a computer, so she processes things differently than many other people would, with the nature of what she does, her viewpoints on life.

That shapes the way she talks and thinks. I try to think about her reality in the way that she does thing differently maybe than other people. I actually was going to say something damn near the same in that because when we work we keep our heads down and we plow through it and it does go by very fast.

But to get to the point it really truly is a blessing. Every season that we did to me is a milestone. However, I am not done — neither of us is done; we are ready to go for a sixth and a seventh and a eighth season. People who have given the show a chance and taken the time to watch it they fall in love with the characters.

I mean I think just as much as we have as artists we have so much fun playing them and I think that genuinely people like to have fun.

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They like being entertained and I think our show is really good at that. And like for example I know Aldis and Christian can improv together and come up with such great material when left to their own devices. But I think some of the quirks that makes it is like little acts sometimes thrown in there have definitely become part of the show as a staple now.

She tears it up so expertly. The writers, the producers, and then also the actors to make these lasting characters and those substantial television figures. Q Hardison has such a brotherly rapport with Eliot; is that something that was originally written for you?

I mean you guys seem to have such great chemistry and we sort of always catch you two fighting over food. Yes, no that was not originally written; the relationship between Eliot and Hardison kind of came out of the relationship between Christian and myself really.

Aldis Hodge on the ‘fun’ Parker-Hardison relationship

That they have a real relationship. Tim and Gina, too. Q You guys can see the playful banter between the two of you. Is there more noticeable romance between you all coming up? I mean they took it out. It might have been a little too intense.

are aldis hodge and beth riesgraf dating in real life

I think the chemistry between Beth and I come naturally felt. But it's great, because they've let us grow and let us sort of expand, and so you get to see each of us try new things out.

And because of the circumstances, it's bringing out different sides of the characters, which has been awesome for us to play," Riesgraf says.

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Perhaps nothing on "Leverage" has been more unforeseen than the relationship between Hardison and Parker. He is an outgoing, romantic computer whiz. She is or was when we first met her an introverted, slightly off-center master thief. As the two characters grew closer in seasons three and four, fans wondered if Parker and Hardison would actually become a legit couple.

In an amusing turn, the two matter-of-factly told the team they're dating in the season five premiere. And, you know, messing with that would also mess with the feel of the group entirely. But at the same time we know it's going to be a little bit unique. The moments you do see them together talking about dating or the fun, intimate moments that they have, they're usually private and usually they're quirky, but they're also really sweet.

are aldis hodge and beth riesgraf dating in real life

And some fans I've heard talk about it online are like, 'Oh, man, does it change the way that they are together? It doesn't, because they are who they are, and they're never going to be like every other couple.